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Used a little or a lot, Content Spinning on a Mac can help you leverage and repurpose your existing articles and content. Spintax generating apps or online rewriting tools help you prepare statistically unique versions of articles, blog posts, or snippets for broader distribution to blogs, article directories and more. Spintax is also handy for diversifying Social Media Marketing Title and Description content text before or as it's posted to target more longtail keyword variants and increase the odds of one ranking better in low-competition searches.

Best Article Spinner For Mac

Mac Article Spinning Software Currently, we're very fond of using the cloud-based, Mac-friendly Spin ReWriter Version 8 - an OSX browser based content spinner for our website content and promotion tasks. Spin ReWriter offers Apple webmasters affordable monthly or annual plans, as well as a one-time payment lifetime access option to their highly sophisticated online article and text spinning app.

You can choose from manual step-by-step spinning of suggested variants (which we recommend for Money Site content), to auto-magic spintax creation at various strictness settings and quality levels. You can choose to spin on your choice of word, sentence, or paragraph level. There's also optional nested spinning support when you opt to 'rewrite entire sentences' or paragraphs. You can also export batches of spun articles from your saved archive for rapid, mass content distribution needs.

A 5 day free trial subscription period of Spin ReWriter will let you test-out and see their sophisticated ENL - Enhanced, Natural-Language spintax generating algo at work. At conservative settings it intelligently produces highly readable Tier-1 content.

To add depth to your spun content, the online article spinner Spin Rewriter 7 also integrates the ability to choose and embed images and/or YouTube videos directly into your article. And if you're stuck for what to write about, integration with the BigContent.com article repository can let you preview and import a pre-written article to get you started. A Gold membership includes monthy credits to have articles written for you each month around keywords of your choosing.

Article Content For Spinning

If you need articles FAST - Check Out Articoolo for nearly instant articles generated using artificial intelligence and natural langugage processing algos. Amazing! Also note an upgraded SpinReWriter Gold account provides access to ready-made articles ready to spin and publish.

Spintax Checker And Text Spinner For OSX

Mac Spintax Generator The Apple App Store has an interesting and very useful little $7.99 spinning app called Article Spinner 2 which offers colored text highlighting of spun content making it very easy to see WHERE your spintax bracketing may be wrong by highlighting incorrecty spun areas in Red = Spintax bracket errors. Blue = Properly formatted spun text segments, or in Black= Normal un-spun words. Very handy for fixing and editing already spun content - and generating 1 or more built in spin previews. It does have a basic dictionary for manually choosing word alternates if you prefer to manually spin content sentence by sentence and want to add variants quickly with just a click.

Article Spinner 2's built-in Publish To WordPress function is something I love using to send uniquely spun posts to build anchored backlinks on either free wordpress.com Tier-1 properties in my link pyramids, or my own self-hosted WordPress sites.

Mac Article Spinner For OSX

OSX Spintax Software
There is a standalone Apple compatible content spinner app for Mac OSX that needs mentioning - but I'm not certain it still works or is being actively developed. Caveat-Emptor!!! Best Free Spinner Pro offers a free online spinner and a 'Pro' app version you launch it directly on your Macintosh. You can download a trial copy to your Mac and use the working demo for 3 days - OR - use it for spinning up to 50 articles before you need to make a paid registration. The one-time, lifetime license fee for BestFreeSpinnerPro is a flat and affordable $25 - completely averting the need for an ongoing month to month or annual susbscription as most other spinning services require. Note: You need a live internet connection to 1. Access the online dictionary of synonyms and spun results, and 2. Validate your Best Free Spinner Pro activation key on launch. The bigger problem is it's basically a LOUSY spinner that produces sub-par, rough content with atrocious automatic substitutions.

Best Free Spinner Pro allows either 1-click Automatic or Assisted spinning word by word (which I recommend since the automatic substituions are so brain-dead) to selectively choose the best spintax variations possible. An Exclude function lets you enter words, brand terms or phrases you don't want spun. It also integrates directly with an optional, paid CopyScape account to check the statistical uniqueness of your spun results to minimize duplicate content filtering. You can download the OSX spinning app here

Free Mac Spinner Tools

Out on the internet, there's a few free online spinner tools for Mac OSX web browser-based solutions that you can try. But you won't like the results. Using Safari, Mac Firefox or Chrome on your Apple computer, you can just copy and paste in some sample content you want spun and let one of these free spintax tools do its thing. The spun result will then be available for preview and let you copy or download the spintax bracketed and/or formatted results.

With these online free Article Spinners, you often get what you pay for... You'll likely be appalled by the off-the-mark random word substitutions, mis-interpretations, and mis-capitalizations. But they're worth a looksee - particularly if you're black-hatting your low-quality content on 2nd or 3rd-tier website properties to boost your link juice. Otherwise you'll often find you'll need to do a lot of manual editing of the resultant spintax output to be anywhere near human readable.

Mac Internet Marketing With Spun Content

The web marketing uses for spintax generated content is only growing. Many link building tools and services like RankCrew, FCS Networker allow and encourage you to spin nearly any field of the content submission. Social Bookmarking tools like Syndwire or SocialAdr support spun titles and descriptions for maximum uniqueness and Title / Anchor diversity. Social Likes and Traffic Exchange sites like LinkCollider supports unique spintax Titles and Descritpions too for varied targeting.

For site deployments, I've used spintax to create a generic spun Privacy Policy page to use on multiple affiliate websites. Spinning can help you rewrite more uniuque 'About Me/Our Company' paragraphs for more unique Press Release boilerplate content, and of course spinning helps to really diversify the content of Author Resource Boxes when doing spun article marketing.

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