Mac URL And Website Submission Tools

In 2015, NATURAL linking of compelling, quality content will get you better Google SEO ranking love than excessive, contrived link building. But the reality is that as a successful Mac Internet Marketing geek you've GOT to use your Macintosh to get your links out there, somewhere - somehow to establish a brand and name recognition. It's also important to stake out internet 'turf' to protect that brand and identity. And that often means registering and building profiles on the most authoritative Profile sites and Web 2.0 properties. So, various site promotion and link building submission activites are something you ultimately should do, ideally Lightly and Intelligently to give your otherwise compelling content it's best shot.

Crawling > Indexing > Ranking

Whenever you publish new content - whether it's on your on website or a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Tier property - you need to get that URL and content CRAWLED. If the search engine bots like it enough, it will get added to SERPs and become INDEXED - but sometimes it won't. Whether your page, share or content ever RANKS in any meaninful way near the top pages of search results is another matter. For any sort of meaningful traffic, that means your content needs to rank in the Top-20, the first TWO pages of search results to even be seen by most humans.

Outsourcing some of your content submissions can be done cheaply with the best kind of Fiverr gigs found in the SEO Marketing category.

Social Bookmarks from popular and high-rank bookmarking sites is one quick way to encourage rapid, initial crawling. A handful or two of manual or automated social shares and bookmarking backlinks encourage the likelihood of attaining some position in the index. But to drive it further up the ranks and stay there requires more concerted link building and content submission efforts.

Often, only well established sites with high-traffic can post content these days - and easily get thier daily visitors to start sharing and organically linking to content almost immediately. If you're a smaller-player you need to kick start the process and something like OnlyWire or SocialAdr cen help do that.

If you have a blog - and you should - creating and submitting a syndicated RSS feed to a few directories can autopost any new content and assure rapid crawling.