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Contemplating a reliable and budget-friendly PR approach for driving web site traffic both quickly and for the long haul? A well though-out, tactical Press release strategy remains a reliable and incredibly effective technique for your business or small company to get online direct exposure and authoritative, quality links to your business's internet site. But beyond the SEO link benefits, they're surprisingly efficient in delivering immediate user traffic to your website - sometimes within just minutes of your news release being published and syndicated. They're also very efficient for building your Brand's name recognition and authority within your niche.

Instant PR Pro - DIY Press Release Creator For Mac

It's worthwhile to learn the basics of constructing an SEO optimized and properly formatted news release on your Mac, then leveraging a solution to syndicate it out on the most powerful paid newswires and/or free press release sites. Traditionally, simply conceptualizing and writing a news release can be a hard job given the AP - Associated Press style of writing convention that's required to comply with PR editorial standards. While many assign or outsource the PR writing job to someone else, you should know there are Mac friendly tools like Instant PR Pro to do it yourself. It's a web-based service for DIY press release creation to aid you in rapidly generating an AP-formatted press release on your Macintosh in 5 minutes or less.

In Instant PR Pro, you just choose from 20 standard release templates, enter in a key sentences of information about the What - Where - Who - When of your annoucement, and it AUTOMATICALLY WRITES a full release FOR you from both what you enter and a pre-saved company profile. Easy as that! You simply use Safari, Chrome or Firefox on your Mac to key-in your news release. By combining the stored business profile data with a quick Q&A form, it generates and completes the Headline, PR Intro Section, About, Body Content, and Contact Information utilizing your Mac's internet browser. No other service makes it so easy to produce an appropriately formatted press release so fast! You can then save the PR text file to your Mac, email it to a co-worker or outsourcer, or Copy & Paste it to help you directly publish on your favorite free or paid newswire press release syndication sites.

Live PR Submitter - Press Release Syndication And Distribution

So you have your news-worthy release ready. Now what? One easy method to widely syndicate your news PR effectively and broadly is by enrolling in Live PR Submitter Service for a low monthly charge. For what you might spend for issuing just one syndicated PR, a basic monthly subscription to LivePR lets you send out 1 PR per day. You benefit from their paid syndication partner subscription to get your press release thoroughly distributed. With a basic Live PR submission account at $47 a month, it's less than what many PR sites charge for just ONE release! After an editor's check and approval, they'll send your release through their paid PR syndication account.

For less than what you might spend for a single syndicated PR release sent out through a paid distribution site, a subscription to Live PR submission service lets you send out one brand-new news release daily and benefit from their paid syndication partner. Once distributed, you can access a URL report with the info disclosing all the websites the release has actually live links published on. Copy and Paste and save these URL's for further marketing and linkbuilding strategies.

Google Press Release SEO Strategies

Issuing a consistent flow of news releases remains an exceptionally powerful SEO press release strategy for your corporation, home-based or small business. With consistency, you'll get widespread online exposure and dependably high-authority backlinks pointing back to your business website. With any luck, some of your press releases will show up ranking exceptionally well in Google's organic search result SERPS - and stay there for a prolonged duration.

Press Release Backlink Strategy

Building a few backlinks to your top-ranking PR's can help guarantee the likelihood they'll continue to drive internet traffic and visitors to your company's website for months to come. It's a smart SEO and marketing technique to share a few links of your highest-ranking releases on your company's social media site accounts. Tweet about it, share it on FaceBook and LinkedIn for quick social mentions. Another pointer is to build backlinks to your syndicated backlinks using what I consider the best backlink indexing system.

Which Search Engines Love Which Press Release Site's Best?

A quick way to ascertain WHICH publishied copies of your press release is ranking best is to copy 4 or 5 unique words from the PR's Title and, "with quote marks around it", paste it into Yahoo Search, Bing, and Google to find the 1st instance of it in their SERP listings. Essentially the search engines are implicitly showing you which sites they consider to have the most authority - in order. Copy and paste these into your Mac's Notes or TextEdit app for further link tactics. You'll find, using some free press release sites as an example, that Google, Bing and Yahoo might rank a PRLog or MyPRGenie or ReleaseWire instances differently - or not at all, depending on their algos. So find your BEST URL's to promote by visiting all three search engines.

Automating Press Release Linkbuilding

Live PR Submitter will generate a link report that's essential to the next step of your PR marketing strategy. You can just copy and paste the ENTIRE link report's list of URL's into a link indexer service, and let it build some quick backlinks to every one of them.

You may also find your website statistics logs to be very helpful. Look for referral traffic coming into your website from any PR sites, particularly those that show up repeatedly in the first day or two after your release hits the newswires. They're a good indication of your most visible placements. For the highest ranking PR URL's driving traffic, getting Other People's Accounts sharing them via something like the SocialAdr Bookmarking Service can help boost and prolong their stay in the SERPS.

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