Keyword Suggestion Tools For Mac

Mac Keyword Research Tools

Using your Mac to perform keyword research is critical to successful SEO and website ranking - and it's getting more difficult. As Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo - and soon Bing hide more 'Not Available' keywords from your web stats, you need to up your game. Unearthing high-interest, low-competition keywords is key to getting internet visibility as you slug it out amongst the giants.

Best Mac Keyword Software

Keyword Software For Mac OSX
Personally, I can't imagine life as an Apple webmaster without using the awesome All-In-One Market Samurai For Mac as my #1 swiss army knife SEO tool for Mac OSX. It's keyword research tool module taps into my Google Keyword Planner account for keyphrase suggestions and permutations, but also throws Bing SERP result counts and Majestic SEO title and Anchor text competitor data into the mix for a diverse and well rounded view that shows you things that Google alone otherwise doesn't. I focus on Total Searches, Title Competition and URL (permalink) competition and then use their FILTER settings to reduce down to low-competition, long-tail phrases that are easiest to rank for.

Longtail Keyword Software For Mac

Mac Keyword Software For OSX
Alternately, Mac Long-Tail Pro Platinum also runs natively on OSX using Adobe Air. It logs into both your Google AdWords and MOZ accounts for keyword planner data and competitive analysis to help you quickly find medium to low competition keywords worth targeting. The Platinum version has a VERY helpful 1-Click competition analysis score metric to indicate which phrases you're most likely to be able to rank in the Top-10 SERPS. Note that LTP Platinum requires an ongoing paid subscription to access it: About $37 for month by month access, $25/mo ($300/year) for the annual plan.

Google Keyword Planner

A drastic overhaul of Google's free keyword suggestion tool is now wrapped into signing-up for a free AdWords account to access it. 3rd-party tools like LTP and Market Samurai For Mac's Keyword Module directly access Google's API to help with your research and traffic levels. Adwords SEO Value and CPC estimates also help give some indication of commerciality and buyer intent - as well as likely competition as to what advertisers are paying to slug it out for those consumer eyeballs. It's important to remember Google's keyword tool doesn't show you EVERYTHING you need to know: It shows you what they want you to see, but not the entire picture. Use other tools to confirm and verify worthy key phrases too.

Bing Keyword Tool

In a world obsessed with Google, Oogle, Oogle... SMART Mac marketers are well-served to pay close attention to Bing Search and their world view of keywords and site rankings. If and When Google chokes off keywords and traffic to your website after a penalty, you might be able to survive on Bing / Yahoo and their partner networks website traffic. Bing provides it's own basic keyword research tool at the Bing Webmaster Tools site.

One of the things you should note is that Bing basically rather LITERAL, and isn't good at handling complex, multi-concept or long tail phrases more than 4 or occasionally 5 words long - At All. So, as you ponder your onpage SEO optimizations and external link building and anchor text tactics - KEEP 'EM SHORT. Succinct 3 to 4 keyword exact match phrases are what rank best. Bing's keyword research tool unfortunately doesn't let you download the list of suggested keyphrases. You'll need to manually copy/paste or jot these down in Apple's TextEdit or Notes app to paste into other keyword traffic analysis tools.

Free Mac Keyword Tools

Here's a couple of free keyword research tools you can visit in your Mac's web browser and get at least a basic set of keyphrases and terms worth pursuing. While some of these freebie tools usually show a rather limited set of keyphrase results, at the very least they tend to show only some of the highest-interest and most important short-tail terms that are even worth targeting. Or, they may present you with some unexpected medium and long-tail variants you might not have considered want to explore more deeply:

Additional Keyword Suggestion Tips

Regardless of what search engine you use, their drop down suggested related keyphrases are a VERY important adjunct to gaining insights as to what the most people are searching for. New Auto-Suggest keyword apps are appearing that unearth high-interest key phrases that Google's AdWords keyword database is NOT showing you!

Variations of these As-You-Type suggestions should be incorporated into your basic keyword research on a Mac to help unearth buyer intent and help your conversion ratios. How - Who - What - Where question terms are common, as are modifier adjectives describing the core search: Free - Best - Cheap, etc. In particular the 'How-To' and 'What Is' results can provide great insights on articles and topics you can create in-demand content around. See Answer The Public for excellent insights into 'Who-What-Which-Where-How' types of queries.

Mac Keyword Rank Checkers

Targeting specific keyphrases is one thing, how well they rank in the major search engines is another. There's plenty of paid and free rank checker apps to help you assess where your most important money terms and traffic driving phrases place in SERP results.

Market Samuari Rank Checker Module

Owning Market Samurai for Mac entitles you to track a limited number of keywords for free in it's Rank Tracker Module. Additional subscription fees for additional keyword tracking is needed if you have a lot of sites or projects. This is common in the rank checking world: You have to pay for the computer resources to track A LOT of keywords.

Rank Guru SEO Rank Checking App For Mac

There's an excellent little Mac Menu Bar app available at the Apple App Store - Rank Guru (currenty at version 2.8x) that just sits up in your OSX menu bar and tracks Google Bing and Yahoo keyword lists for you at a refresh interval you set. Very much worth the paltry $4.99 app price. Perhaps one of the nicest features is green, red and grey dots next to the SERP ranking position numbers to indicate if a given keyword has risen, fallen or is unchanged since the last refresh. Although you can either manually enter keywords one-at-a-time or import keyword lists in .CSV format, there's NO simple way to just Copy & Paste in a list of keywords! Frustrating. Still, I consider RankGuru for Mac OSX to be an ESSENTIAL menu-bar SEO tool every Mac webmaster should have.

SEO PowerSuite Tracker App

There's also Link Assistant's RankTracker - A standalone SEO app thats available separately for about $125 USD, or as part of the $299 SEO PowerSuite bundle. It goes beyond Google, Bing and Yahoo to tracking many other global search engines to make it the most extensive tracker of them all. And it does keyword research too!

Free Rank Checking Tools

There's a wide variety of basic tools to let you monitor WHICH keywords of yours might be ranking. SEMRush in particular is invaluable for website rank assessment. There's also SpyFu and others which are worth scoping out.