Social Marketing Tools For Mac

Mac Social Marketing Tools And Services

Mac SMM - Social Media Marketing is easy when you combine some of the best Safari SEO extensions, Apple compatible browser toolbars, and online social bookmarking tools and services for content promotion on your Macintosh.

Social Profile Traffic Tools

Best Mac SEO Social Booster
If you're smart, you've set-up and are using Social Profiles at all the major services like Google+, FaceBook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter (at the very least) to try to drive referral traffic to your sites to support (or replace lost) organic search traffic. But without sufficient Followers or Fans, all your social posting efforts will be for naught. Get Rapid Social Followers, Likes and Shares with an exchange service like Link Collider which let's you send people to whatever service or URL of your choosing. REAL PEOPLE, electing to organically share in a very random way sends a steady dribble of followers or content views to steadily boost your social authority.

Another service that works quite well is You Like Hits which notably lets me target specific countries that I prefer. There's also Add Me Fast for Likes, Shares, Followers, Favorites, Listens, Views across a dozen different and popular social platforms. It's fairly painless to earn free credits. There I find AutoSurf website hits to be a hands-off way to acccumulate a few credits, but find StumbleUpon Likes and just listening to 30 second SoundCloud music clips to be the most lucrative for earning higher-point rewards.

For all of the above mentioned services, I simply log-in each day and spend 10 or 15 minutes between them to earn some free points, and use them primarily for gaining Twitter and Google+ followers. Although you can use services like these to get visits, views and listens to specific URLs or pieces of content -- I find in the big picture view, growing your user base is a more powerful long-term strategy and wiser use of credits.

Mac Social Bookmarking Tools

While all Mac website owners likely do random bits of manual content promotion to FaceBook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, or LinkedIn over the course of a day or week -- It's nice to have a method of Simple, Automated Social Bookmarking and sharing to a wide range of Top-Tier sites to ease the effort. We consider a basic SocialAdr subscription a MUST-HAVE service that has Other People share your content FOR YOU under thier own accounts for a natural, organic backlinkg process that few other's match. Support for spun Titles and Descriptions adds to the SEO power of the shared links.

Social Sharing Buttons For Mac Websites

Adding buttons to share your site's pages and posts is essential these days. It offers site visitors an opportunity to share content they like - and just as importantly promote your content FOR YOU - and send the natural, organic SEO social signals that the search engines love to see. AddThis happens to be our favorite and highly customizable Social Media Sharing Button, but Shareaholic is awesome a well.

SEO Toolbars And Extensions For Mac

Whether you use Apple's Safari, FireFox or Chrome on your Macintosh there's an interesting array of SEO extensions and browser buttons and toolbars for Mac webmasters.

A few of my favorite Safari Toolbar Extensions include a Google PageRank button, DuckDuckGo Search (because I want to see ALL of the internet, not just Google's ever-narrow slice of reality), BufferApp for Tweeting or sharing whatever I'm browsing, an RSS Feed button to launch a site's feed in NetNewsWire app, and more.

For SEO purposes, Mac FireFox actually has far more to offer an Apple webmaster than Safari since more SEM / SEO toolbars and buttons are available - since the same internet marketing tools developers create also work on the PC version as well. Check Apple's Safari Extension site for seeing what's available.