Backlink Tools For Mac

Mac Link Building Tools And Tips

Totally natural, earned editorial links are the best kind a Mac web master can get: When another website in your niche voluntarily hard links to your site with whatever URL and anchor text they choose to use.

However, judicious and thoughtful yet deliberate link building is often needed however to solve the Chicken & Egg problem: You can't rank HIGHLY for competitive, high-traffic terms without backlinks propping your site up, and no one will ever link to you if they don't know your site exists. So you're going to have to build SOME links intentionally, so you might as well be smart about it.

Mac Backlink Building Apps For OSX

There's few OSX native backlinking apps that I know of. Some SEO tools run on a Mac using Adobe Air cross-platform code. Hardcore link builders like GSA Search Engine Ranker or Magic Submitter only run on MS Windows - although some Mac webmasters might opt to use Apple's BootCamp, Parallels or VMWare to run PC-only SEO programs.

For Mac Blog Links: The All-In-One OSX SEO app Mac Market Samuari has a Publish Content module that supports multiple WP blogs.
Apple Link Building With Market Samurai

Easy Spun Blog Posts

For Wordpress Blog Links: A handy OSX spintax editor utility called ArticleSpinner 2 at the Apple App Store can help manually spin and post links to your Wordpress sites with spun content and anchor text variation in just a click.
Mac Backlink Building On WordPress
The Publish To WordPress features built-in both of these allow you to post linked content to your self-hosted or free Web 2.0 blogs directly from the application. It's a great opportunity for precisely anchored link placements of your choosing.

For Mac Article Directory Links: A free OSX article distribution app that's sadly no longer officially supported is ASHelper. However, Article Submission Helper can still be used to post spun article variations in a SEMI-automated way to for contextual anchored link text of your choosing as you publish to each article directory.
Mac Article Submitter Backlinks
ASHelper is still available for download here.

Cloud-Based Backlinking Software For OSX

The trend towards SaaS software apps that live up in the cloud is utterly revolutionizing and replacing the need for platform-specific standalone SEO software programs. Armed with Apple's Safari, Mac FireFox or Chrome web browser you can run some rather sophisticated backlinking apps.

FCS Networker Linkbuilding App leverages your social or document sharing accounts and free Web 2.0 blogging properties to build-out and publish to a powerful Tier-1 link network. It can also automate building 2nd and 3rd-tier linkwheels and pyramids to push even more link juice towards your money site.
Mac Link Building Software
See the FCS Networker review on the blog page for a better sense of the capabilities of this Mac-friendly backlinks publishing tool.

Similar to FCS Networker, RankWyz operates on the same principal: Using very high Domain Authority Web 2.0 sites and sharing platforms as a buffer between your money sites. Unlike FCS which handles background tasks for you, the cheaper RankWyz plans do NOT include Captcha and Proxy services adding to the configuration complexities and ongoing expense. Newbies Beware! Both are complex tools, but FCS is simpler, more mature and has better training videos.

Unlike their Windows-only counterparts GSA Search Engine Ranker and MagicSubmitter, FCS and RankWyz are narrower in scope and don't support backlink creation on Wiki, Article Directory or free Press Release types of sites. Perhaps some day they will.

Social Site Links

Social SHARES are currently the safest kind of backlinks you can generate - largely because most are very temporary and transient. Even the most viral shares spike and fade, some quite quickly. Buffer is hands-down a must have tool every Mac marketer should use to efficently schedule and share content to Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and FaceBook.

Social BOOKMARK links can be far more enduring at sites like Bibsonomy, Diigo,, and Folkd. There's no dedicated Mac Social Bookmark link building software apps for OSX, though the cloud-based SocialAdr is a Mac web browser based alternative for Apple link builders wanting a high-quality mix of both social shares and bookmark backlinks published from the diverse accounts of it's many members.


For more diverse automated social broadcasting check out OnlyWire or SyndWire which post to over 30 social, bookmark, blog and Web 2.0 properties. SyndWire in particular allows spintax submissions to leave less of a duplicate content footprint as it publishes - but it's not nearly as affordable as OnlyWire.