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Parasite And Barnacle SEO Survival Strategies For Affiliate Marketers

Parasite Website Rankings
Parasite website or Barnacle SEO is a popular search engine ranking strategy to get online visibility by getting your content and links on high domain authority, top-ranking sites that allow users to post their own content. When your own website doesn't or can't get direct Page 1 or 2 organic SERP rankings -- you can still get meaningful referral traffic from select barnacle authority sites high up the ranks. It's especially useful for trying to salvage penalized money sites and keep traffic coming in from anywhere you can get it.

The key to a powerful Parasite platform SEO strategy is trying each of the following popular barnacle backlink types -- and assessing which properties are currently most capable of squeaking into the cracks of Top-20 rankings and driving direct referral site traffic; both near and long-term.

TIP: While Parasite SEO tactics are easiest with low-competition LOCAL searches ('Armadillo Pest Removal in Lubbock Texas') -- The key to success for broader reach is in 4-5-6 word LONG-TAIL keyword targeting to find the 'cracks' and 'backdoor' foothold you can get in underserved general search niches. Deep keyword research and quality content spinning is almost essential, especially to target minor long-tail variants in your Titles. Spun body content, when possible, helps to avoid duplicate content FILTERS which limit the number of viable barnacle sites you might otherwise rank well on.

Parasite Video Marketing

As the #2 'search engine' in the world, leveraging a YouTube barnacle strategy should be a high priority for getting your videos onto page 1 of Google SERPS. The keys to success are short, engaging videos with a colorful appealing thumbnail that's carefully targeting long-tail, lower competition Titles and optimized descriptions and tags. However, your video distribution strategy shouldn't stop at only YouTube. Daily Motion, Vimeo, Break and others also work as parasite platforms. This video submission package can get your video file distributed and embedded far and wide for $10. It lets you spin Title and the Video Descriptions to target keyword variants as its published.

Parasite Article Marketing

The key to a successful barnacle article marketing tactic is to identify and focus primarily on the Top 5 to 10 highest ranking article directories which still rank relatively well. Maintaining a centerpiece EzineArticles account is still very valuable. The next phase is completely rewriting and/or thoroughly spinning those articles to very high quality for use on other top tier article sites - with slightly different Title variants and leveraging other URLs and anchors to really mix your Author Bio box power. How-To's, Buyer Guides and Informational Topic Summaries are the types of articles most likely to rank.

Parasite Press Release Marketing

Leveraging press releases for barnacle SEO is a quick way to get rapid, overnight search engine visibility given the 'Newsy' time-stamped nature of press releases. They're 'fresh' and Google ranks them highly in the near-term. Few of us can afford a $300+ Premium Syndication newswire service for one release - so I advocate a more modest, low-cost 3-stage PR marketing strategy starting with Live PR submitter for initial syndication. Next, a Fiverr gig for sending a spun PR variant to top ranking parasite SEO news release sites like PRBuzz, ReleaseWire, MyPRGenie, etc. Follow up with a final submission using this spun free press release submission package which accepts full spintax of URL's, Titles and Body content.

Parasite Web 2.0 Blog Marketing

Using high DA - Domain Authority free host Web 2.0 blogging platforms continues to be an effective barnacle seo tactic, hence the popularity of Web 2.0 link pyramid and link wheel properties. The key here is to build out real, quality parasite Web 2.0 blogs with ideally FIVE or more articles to get meaningful traction. Too many spammers are building disposable 1-post spam blogs using automation by the thousands each day.

Keep the theme / niche tight. Since many internet marketers often run multiple affiliate sites that are often in the same Health / Tech / Etc niche, you can use a specifically themed parasite blogs to promote several of your money sites with a similar topic.

Parasite Document Sharing Marketing

As with general article marketing - select public Document Sharing sites also make great barnacle SEO properties: You can take existing PDF's, slide-shows or articles and move your links from the Bio box into the body content for contextual links - then post to sites like Docstoc, SlideShare, Prizmshare and others. These can be outsourced cheaply with a Fiverr gig to the Top-10 or 20 parasite doc sites with the most ranking power.

Parasite Social Marketing SEO

Of course, the major social platforms from Pinterest to FaceBook to Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond all have high authority and are barnacle SEO properties in their own right -- though generally individual items or posts do NOT rank on their own - or are gone in a day. However, IF you have decent Brand or Name Recognition - and corresponding searches, your Social Profile can still show-up everywhere across the net and in Google, Bing and Yahoo SERPS from the account profiles you've established. Fiverr gigs that register you on dozens and dozens of social properties (ideally with image, extended bio, etc. with gig extras) with a FULL profile build-out will create many parasite rankings across the top five pages of SERPS very cheaply. Services like NameChk and KnowEm can help you assess the extent of your Brand / Name footprint.

Parasite Image And Infographic SEO

Lacking deep textual content, individual graphics or infographics aren't likely to perform well as a barnacle listing. An exception might be a wildly popular Pinterest pin or Tumblr image that has been repinned and shared extensively AND contains a meaty, multiple-sentence keyword-loaded description the search engines pick up on. Google, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo image search may lead to occasional site visits, hence the importance of using ALT tags as part of your site's on-page SEO optimization.

Parasite Local Citation SEO

Local business listing barnacle site rankings are the simplest parasite pages to get of all. Smaller, less competitive towns and suburbs are especially easy to target and dominate. However with Paid Ads, Google/Bing Maps and Yelp utterly dominating Page 1, even powerful parasite rankings from local directories like YellowPages, SuperPages, HotFrog, CitySquares, MerchantCircle and others are often getting shoved off to Page 2 and beyond. It's still critical to obtain these citation listings for any brick and mortar storefront business, regardless. You can visit Yext to get a free assessment of your current local biz listings to see what sites you do - or ought to have listings on.

A Basic Barnacle SEO Methodology

If you're hellbent on affiliate survival, you've got to find love where it exists when less and less is coming directly from Google. Pursuing barnacle and parasite page SEO tactics isn't easy. But at the very least, committing to a four-pronged tactic of Video, Press Release, Document Site and Article Marketing submissions can make a real difference in getting direct traffic.

It can be a big project to create and assemble a few videos, press releases, images, articles and docs to use in your barnacle / parasite strategy. The submissions themselves are only $5 or $10 to outsource, so you can efficiently execute a broad barnacle strategy for only a $25 to $50 investment. To balance the ROI of time and money, focus a barnacle SEO strategy on your most profitable niche sites and primarily link to your highest converting landing pages.

The ART is in the execution, with daily monitoring of web stats to identify and note referring traffic sources that are showing up in your server logs. It's also important to note the differences between Google and Yahoo/Bing when you get high-ranking results in the SERPs. You'll start to see for example, which Web 2.0 properties or Press Release sites Bing deems most authoritative vs which one's Google favors. There are similarities and differences - especially important if you have a site that Google has strangled for visibility - but still does well at Bing / Yahoo.

Tip: If you get any parasite SEO platform content ranking somewhere on the first two pages of search results, promptly boost those links with social signals or run them through a backlink indexing tool to help them hold their position longer or climb higher in the rankings. You needn't be heavy-handed with link building to barnacle pages, just make sure any parasite URL's that rank well get some additional backlink signals to reinforce their position.

Then, just DO MORE OF WHAT WORKS. For example, I have a free TypePad blog that ranks higher and drives more traffic than my free WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogspot blog does for that niche. So regularly publishing to that TypePad parasite is where my energy's best spent. You'll find your own examples of where you get the most traction - then target those web properties again with a fresh piece of content.