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Linkbuilding Automation App For Mac SEO : FCS Networker

FCS Automated Link Building
Lacking serious internet marketing apps like GSA Search Engine Ranker, ScrapeBox, Magic Submitter and others that only run on Windows -- Mac OSX users often have to do site promotion and link building very manually, or blindly outsource SEO tasks they wish they could do directly. FCS Networker is an Apple-friendly online SEO app that builds high quality links leveraging the most effective Web 2.0 and Social Sharing sites that the major search engines love.

Automated Link Building Software For Mac

As a cloud-based SaaS app, FCS Networker enables Apple marketers using any Mac web browser to have direct control over where and when your content gets published. It supports hundreds of free Web 2.0 blog, document sharing and bookmarking sites. You're free to configure and choose as many or few sites used for each backlink building project. You either create articles / blog posts or short social posting blurbs, then send them out as broad or narrowly targeted, as fast or slow, as aggressively or conservatively as you choose.

Mac SEO Software For Link Building

Many of the Web 2.0 blog properties can be effective Barnacle - Parasite SEO properties that can drive direct traffic and rank well in their own right, especially if you keep article content quality very high. The Social module can then be used send reinforcing signals to these Tier-1 URL's to keep them ranking.

Powerful Mac Backlink Creation Tools

Here are the notable benefits of FCS's link building automation app:

• Builds quality links on high Domain Authority Web 2.0 & Social accounts
• Uses a Mac browser friendly web interface rather than desktop software
• Doesn't require running Windows on a Mac using VMWare or Parallels
• Social posts and Blog / Articles can all be spun - SpinReWriter integration
• Full control over Anchor Text ratios and diversification
• Create URL Sets to promote inner-pages or multiple sites at random
• Automatic content generation / article creation / spinning is built in
• Image, video, or Authority site links option automatically embedded
• You own and manage your own Social & Web 2.0 blog network accounts
• No Proxy or Captcha expenses -- FCS handles it all in the background
• Backlink indexing included + Export for your favorite link indexing tool
• Easily create Tier-2 link wheels & pyramids from Tier-1 URL reports
• Scheduled and Drip-Fed link building at your preferred pace

Affordable Mac Web Tools

For as little as $17 a month, a starter account with FCS can put the full power of professional automated SEO backlink building software at a Mac users fingertips -- with a few caveats to be aware of:

• Initially configuring accounts, sets, and projects in FCS is a BIG task
• Expect a learning-curve and the need to really grok the tutorial videos
• Need to self-register or Fiverr outsource account creation on dozens of Web 2.0 sites
• FCS's automated account creation tool is currently for Windows only
• FCS offers cheap pre-built accounts but you can't choose user names or passwords
• For Tier-1 content you need to have very high-quality spun articles ready
• Web 2.0's come and go: Expect some failed submissions and account losses

Getting Started With FCS Link Automation

You can dip a toe in with a low-cost basic FCS starter account with 3000 total submissions per month. Create a Set with just a few of your current Web 2.0 blogging sites and a handful of your Social sharing accounts to learn the ropes, conserve monthly submission credits, and minimize any screw-ups. You can always scale-up, add dozens or even hundreds more web accounts, link and cross-link far more aggressively once you've mastered the basics.

Great Backlink Software For Mac

I personally use this SaaS link building tool myself for dozens of affiliate websites and I am getting great results for less than $20 a month. I highly recommend FCS Networker for any Mac user who has multiple sites and is dead serious about making money online. Get your account at FCS and start getting the traffic and rankings you need!