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Honest Review Of Articoolo Automatic Article Writing App

In this review of Articoolo automatic article writer, we'll take a look at the benefits and results of using cutting-edge, computer-based Natural Language Generation - NLG and Artificial Intelligence - AI in it's computer generated content creation algos. It can help you automatically generate a workable article or blog post from a single seed key-phrase in under 2 mintues.

If you've ever struggled with article writing for internet or affiliate marketing needs, Articoolo can quickly produce a programmatically generated working draft to kickstart your content creation process.

Review of Articoolo - Auto Article Writing App

How To Use Articoolo

A quick review of Articoolo's 5-step process to automatically create an article is as follows:
1. Enter a single high-level key-phrase
2. Alternately select an Optional Topic it may present
3. Select the desired number of words (Tip: Always set it to 500 max)
4. Optionally change default setting of Readability to Uniqueness
5. Click 'Create' button
6. Wait 1 or 2 minutes while Articoolo reviews your topical intent and assembles an article.

How Does Articoolo Generate Content?

Natural Language Generation typically involves the following steps:
1. Content Determination: Deciding what info to mention in the document.
2. Document Structuring: The organization of the conveyed information.
3. Aggregation: Merging of similar phrases or sentences to improve naturalness and readability.
4. Lexical Choice: Assigning appropriate words to the core concepts.
5. Referring Expression Generation: i.e. A 'MacBook' refers to an equivalent 'Apple laptop'.
6. Realization: The nitty-gritty of assembling the document then performing syntax, CopyScape, grammar and spell checks.

Articoolo Review : Content Preview Mode
When complete, a blurred article preview will show you a few snippets or sentences of the document in clear, readable form. Generally, it displays one sentence in each paragraph to give you some sense of the article's style and content.

It will save this draft and you can then optionally buy the full, plain text article - or ignore it and try generating a completely new one based on the same key phrase or perhaps with slight modifications.

Buying an article somewhat 'blindly' without being able to fully review it is a bit frustrating. But so is outsourcing an article, sometimes waiting days for completion, and (unless you're using a known writer) never really knowing what the end result will be until after it's delivered.

Articoolo's Article Writing Quality

In my test article, here's what Articoolo auto-generated as the opening paragraph on the topic 'Article Writing SEO':

"Many people could be wondering what a Search engine optimization writing is. To a large amount of people, writing is just placing words in logical, orderly way to convey a note or set of thoughts. Granted, that's give or take what article writing is about. Not all posts are written with the awareness of search engines. SEO writing is the procedure for writing copy or an article with the search engines in head. It is a procedure for tuning a bit of writing you might say that the internet search engine will love and enjoy. In order to write an efficient SEO writing, some rules and codes should be applied."

Not bad. Not perfect. With a proofread and few tweaks to the phrasing, I was ready to publish the finalized article within minutes.

In 9 out of 10 articles I've auto-generated, I personally felt: 'Okay, I can work with this - and make it even better in no time!' Where it seems weakest is in it's paragraphs: Most articles or blog posts typically have a highly structured Introduction, Main Content Sections, and then an Ending Summary format. Paragraphs should implicitly begin with a Topic Sentence, which the other sentences support.

It's not clear that Articoolo can replicate this high-level document organization well, although in the above example, the 1st paragraph is a reasonable Introduction opening. You're often left to re-arrange what it writes, and likely supplement it to make it a better read from beginning to end.

How Much Do Articoolo Articles Cost?

The cost of an Articoolo generated article is typically $1 or $2 depending on whether you opt to purchase a fixed number of article credits or a monthly subscription. Honestly, I think the credit system and pricing should be based on the actual number of words delivered. When I've specified the 500 word maximum, the resulting articles are often only 300-400 words in length regardless. Always opt for the 500 word setting and you'll typically get 4 instead of 3 paragraphs of workable content.

Outsourcing articles typically costs 3 to 10 times as much - even more for Premium, vetted writers. The time delays in receiving articles is frustrating too when time is money. You can purchase an intro 10-pack of Articoolo article credits for $19. Generate as many as you wish and preview the results. Credits are deducted only when you choose to purchase an article.

Optional Content Re-Writing Supported

Though Articoolo does support a 'Rewrite' feature, I normally wouldn't recommend it. It intelligently 'spins' the content to rewrite some of the word usage in most sentences, but it is not a full-fledged article spinner, nor does it generate spintax formatted / bracketed code. A rewrite costs the same as generating an original article; a bit stiff to do a one-time 'spin'.

My Bottom-Line Take In This Articoolo Review:

- AS-IS, the automatic content Articoolo creates is immediately usable for Tier-2 PBN link building.
- With minor rewrites and fixes, it generates readable, thematic Tier-1 content for Web 2.0's and PBN's.
- For money sites or Article Directory Submission, re-arranging into better paragraphs, further editing and optimization is needed.
- It's imminently useful for increasing the word-count of blog posts and articles for better LSI rankings.
- You'll save a TON of time regardless.

The Bigger Picture - Computer Generated Content

The concept of automated Computer Generated Content (CGC) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) has been in development in corporate and university labs for years. Unlike manual content scraping and mash-up tools some SEO's use - Articoolo is delivering consumers a next-generation automatically generated content tool. It can take some of the pain out of writing original content from scratch without the risks of obvious plagiarism from stolen snippets and then using intelligent article spinning to try to pass CopyScape. Articoolo's core technology isn't going to go away, NLG is only going to get better, and CGC will be used more widely to eliminate the tedium and cost of human writers.

With a 10-article base package under $20, you can explore and review Articoolo's auto content generation app abilities affordably. As a cloud-based SaaS program, Mac users can access it with Safari, Firefox Mac or Chrome browsers, on either OSX or iOS and have instant article creation at their fingertips anytime, anywhere, any Apple device.