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Article Forge Review : AI Content Writer And WP Poster

Article Forge AI Content Generator
In this Article Forge review and video demo, I cover the basics of this rapid article creator's control menus, the how-to's of generating a new article, and give a brief explanation of each of the content settings switches and sliders that are used to customize the article content generated.

Articles from as few as 50 all the way up to 750 words can be automatically created from a single or multiple seed keywords. Images and videos can optionally be inserted as well. Embedded videos are chosen from YouTube, images will be hard linked to content at Auto-generated article titles and section headings are supported too.

You can choose from 3-levels of article quality. 'Money Site Filler', Tier 1 or Tier 2. Export options include plain text, HTML formatted and lastly, PDF format for uploads to document sites. The latter; posting PDF and Doc files is an underused backlinking strategy and opportunity that you should ponder.

Basic spinning support is provided, but only on the title, sentence or paragraph level - not word-by-word. However, Article Forge can also link to a paid Word AI spinner account for high-quality word-level substitutions. You can visit the Word AI Article Spinner site for a free but brief 3-day trial of their Mac-friendly, highly-intelligent online content rewriter and spintax generator. 

Alternately, you might opt to use Spin Rewriter separately to provide further word-level spinning for additional article uniqueness.

ArticleForge can also be linked to a paid CopyScape account to assure 100% unique text. When turned on, one of the last steps of article creation is passing the robot generated content to CopyScape for a check before the article is finalized and ready to view.

WordPress publishing is integrated into Article Forge, making it a tiered link-building powerhouse. It can automatically post to free Web 2.0 or self-hosted WP blogs or PBNs on a schedule if desired. You can opt to post manually after generating, reviewing and manually editing an article, or opt to automatically post every nn number of days based on a list of seed keywords. Lists of URL's can also be set up so that specific keywords become anchored to those URLs randomly as the articles are published across your blog network.

In this Article Forge review, I should also make a point to mention their nearest competitor, Articoolo. The web-based Articoolo article writer cloud app also uses AI and NLG Natural Language Generation algos to quickly write unique content. It does so by scraping a single article. Check out their site for a simpler but slightly more affordable automatic article writer tool.

Article Forge seems to blend snippets from multiple related articles into a mash-up of unique, thematically relevant content. However, the articles lack a cohesive intro, body and summary progression that Articoolo source articles typically tend to have. As such, without heavy editing and reorganization I really don't consider Article Forge auto generated content to be money-site worthy as-is. Until it improves, it's best for Tier-2 and possibly Tier-1 link building content. On the other hand, with minor tweaks as you proofread, Articoolo generates more money-site worthy content fairly reliably.

The above video demo and feature review of Article Forge fails to mention costs. Currently there are annual subscriptions at just under $300 USD as well as $47 USD as a month to month option. There's a five day free trial of ArticleForge, but you do need to provide credit card information upfront. You will be billed after the trial expires if you don't explicitly cancel.

I'm keenly interested AI, NLP, and NLG natural language content creation. Automation of writing tasks is definitely the future of many aspects of digital online publishing. I'll be working on additional videos of how computer generated content (CGC) can be part of your internet publishing and link-building strategy. Stay tuned by subscribing to MacSEOTips YouTube channel!