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Use Mac Dictation For Blogging : Article Writing : PR Marketing

microphone for mac dictation
If you haven't pondered or tried using Apple's Dictation software for your content creation and internet marketing efforts you might be missing out on a way to utterly revolutionize and improve your writing and publishing schedule. Whether you use Mac speech recognition to draft blog posts, write article marketing content, generate a press release, or compose a social media blurb for sharing -- there's ways to take advantage of the free speech to text software now built into Mac OSX since Mountain Lion. This isn't just a novel or avant-garde content marketing trend. Voice recognition and dictation is the FUTURE of computer data entry and interaction on both desktop computers and handheld gadgets.

Time-Saving Content Creation

Thousands of articles have been written on how to avoid, get over, get past writer's block. Thousands more about how to quickly and efficiently compose a blog post, write an article, generate a press release in minutes and not hours. In the time it takes to read such posts ABOUT rapidly creating quality content, you could have dictated one on your Macintosh, made a few quick edits, and gotten fresh content published and live on the internet. All you need for an optimal Apple speech recognition session is a quality Apple compatible headset or desktop microphone for Mac and you're good to go.

Dictate Anywhere - Anytime

Mac Dictation Settings
You can literally use Mac dictation in ANY OSX app that accepts text input. Just make sure you've enabled OSX ENHANCED dictation in System Preferences and tap the FN - Function Key twice. That even includes text entry fields on web pages in your Safari, FireFox or Chrome browser. Beyond writing for blog posts, news releases, or articles -- Apple speech to text can also help save time composing Twitter tweets, FaceBook posts, Social Bookmarking Titles and Descriptions, and many other internet and affiliate marketing tasks.

Stop Typing - Start Talking

Stylistically, there can be a HUGE advantage into using Apple's free dictation software to help with your content generation. There's just something about saying what's on your mind that affects and alters the way you write - usually in advantageous ways. Typing is inefficient. Most people can speak 3 to 5 times faster than they can type; a huge boost in productivity. Sometimes the translation of what's on your mind physically getting out through your fingertips ends up altered. You'll pause more often typing, lose your train of thought, backspace to correct, and frequently be tempted to edit along the way in halting, stilted ways you wouldn't just by speaking.

Clarity Of Thought - And Diction

That doesn't mean you should just babble endless streams of consciousness and think that that makes for good readability and high user engagement. Using OSX dictation software for your blogging, press release and article marketing efforts definitely requires some forethought. You'll want a written topic outline to keep your dictation effort on track, and a clear head that's organized and speaks logically and succinctly. It's also critical to enunciate clearly. For all the strides PC and Mac computer speech recognition has made over the years, it's your responsibility to cleanly enunciate your words so that the speech recognition software doesn't struggle to interpret your intent. It'll help minimize any after-the-session editing you'll need to make as you proofread the results.

Write Longer Content That Google Loves

It's no 'SEO Secret' that longer content pieces - especially those over 1000 words - ranks better in Google than shorter one's do. Indeed statistical analysis shows that the average length of an article on Page 1 of Google SERPs is well over 1200 words - and ideally around 1800. Using Apple's Speech To Text features make it faster and simpler to share your thoughts or expertise at-length, generate in-depth content, and keep your readers on-site and engaged. Additionally, when using Apple dictation, you're likely to write in a less keyword-contrived style and lean towards a more LSI - Latent Semantic Indexing style of prose that just naturally incorporates a wide variety of topic related word usage and variations.