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5-Minute Twitter Follower Hack Using Hashtags For Targeted Followers

Twitter Account Growth Hacking
Want to QUICKLY ramp-up your Twitter following? Here's a simple, 5 minute Twitter followers growth hacking method done by using a sequence of hashtag-loaded Tweets in rapid-fire succession. You can grow and fortify your Twitter account with highly-targeted users in minutes.

Automation is active everywhere on the Social Web. Apps and Bots scour posts and #hashtag usage to find topics, people, conversations and content aligned with other marketers and user's interests. People also manually search for #hashtags to find things of interest or trending topics (which is why routinely using one or two in each of your daily Twitter posts is a smart marketing tactic.)

Even if you don't use any Social automation yourself, you can simply LEVERAGE the automation others widely use to help grow your own following in minutes. This growth hack is great to get on the radar of like-minded folk and it's useful for improving the quality of your social following.

This quick Twitter growth hacking tactic isn't just about quickly getting some new followers. The process detailed here will also likely get some of the Tweets automatically Favorited, your account added to several Twitter user Lists, and possibly retweeted too!

Step 1: Find Your Hashtag Vocabulary

Use Apple's TextEdit, Stickies, or Notes to key-in a few dozen core THINGS you are about. Come up with 1, 2, or sometimes 3 word phrases to convert into pound-sign preceded, no spaces or hyphen #hashtags.

For example, my account @MacSEOTips is about using an Apple Mac computer to do SEO and Internet Marketing: That's two distinct angles I can leverage into a hundred different hashtags needed for this exercise. You'll substitute your own market's unique vocabulary and buzzwords to best target users in your niche.

You're going to use them in a rapid-fire sequence of hashtag-loaded Tweets using as much of the 140 characters Twitter allows as possible.

Step 2: Prepare Tag Loaded Tweets

Create a Tweet sequence prefaced with something HUMAN -- A short opening phrase expressing your interest in those kind of followers and topics. Don't paste only hashtags: Strive to engage any real Twitter users who might actually see your growth hack posts too.

Some wording suggestions for human Tweet engagement: "I share about: "I'm passionate about:" "I love talking:" "I'm interested in:" "I resonate with:" "I avidly follow:" "My fave topics:" "My key interests:" Adjust and copy-fit your 140 character maximum tweet length to take advantage of EVERY possible character allowed.

Twitter Growth Hacking Tactics
I started by composing Tweets targeting Apple and Macintosh computer users in general - many of whom may have their own business websites or personal blogs and be interested in promoting them. There may be more than one angle you could pursue in your given niche as well.

I'm expert in: #apple #mac #macintosh #macos #osx #macbook #imac #macmini #macpro #ibooks #macbookair #macbookpro #macosx

I'm a fan of: #ipod #iphone #ipad #iwatch #applewatch #appletv #mobilecomputing #handhelds

I'm really into: #computers #computing #tech #technology #gadgets #gizmos #peripherals #upgrades

I'm geeky about: #bluetooth #usb #firewire #thunderbolt #wireless #wifi #airplay #airprint #audio #video

Now lets move onto the Marketing vocabulary where I targeted Online, Content and Social Marketers: The hashtag-loaded Tweets looked like this:

I hang out on: #twitter #linkedin #pinterest #youtube #facebook #periscope #vimeo #meerkat #stumbleupon #digg #instagram

I avidly follow: #growthhacking, #socialmedia, #smm, #marketing, #seo #blogging #socialmarketing #affiliate #affiliatemarketing #pressrelease #pressreleasemarketing #pr #prmarketing

I groove on: #infographics #infograms #visualmarketing #contentmarketing #curation #contentcuration #videomarketing #podcasting #podcasts

I'm into: #videoediting #explainervideos #podcastmarketing #articles #articlemarketing #blogging #guestblogging #blogger

I'm obsessed with: #seo #google #bing #yahoo #duckduckgo #sem #smo #cro #growthhacking #growthhacker #cpc #cpa #cpm

I share about: #linkbuilding #backlinks #seotips #seotools #seoapps #seosoftware #searchengines #searchmarketing #wordpress #webdevelopment

You get the idea. I know it wasn't necessary to give Sooooo Many examples of tweets in this post. But I'm being ARCH here - I'm using exhaustive examples as an on-page SEO boosting technique for this particular blog post: A high word count hack for the post itself, and more LSI and long-tail keyword leverage from all the hashtag content.

Step 3: Note Your Starting Follower Count

Once you've created your own posting sequence like above: Head to Twitter and take note of, or do a screen-shot of your current follower count on the main feed or on your Twitter Analytics page. It will help you assess the effectiveness and follower growth from this hack.

Step 4: Tweet In Rapid-Fire Sequence

Post your Tweets one after the other. Copy-Paste-Tweet, Copy-Paste-Tweet, etc.

Tip: You can use a free BUFFERAPP Social Sharing account to send these out to ALL your top social accounts and see if posting hashtag loaded content helps gets traction on other platforms too. My current Buffer setup lets me post to Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and my FaceBook business page in one swoop. Opt to 'Share Now' for each Tweet rather than dribble out on your regular Buffer schedule.

Step 5: Monitor Your Tweet Hack Results

Twitter Growth Hacking Tactic
I guarantee you will start seeing your NOTIFICATIONS alert count steadily increment - literally in 1 minute or less. Many Bots strive to crawl twitter in real-time, others run on frequent schedules - so you'll likely see a peak burst of traction almost immediately, then continue for the next half-hour or so.

As you can see above, this keyword tagged Twitter growth hack WORKS. It ultimately produced well over a dozen new followers in short order, got various Faves, and most interestingly; Added my Twitter handle To Lists like Video Marketing and Search Engine Marketing - which can have longer term benefits. Twitter users often use other people's Lists as a source of finding accounts to follow who are influencers in their sphere - so the more Lists you're included in the better!

IMMEDIATELY FOLLOW BACK the new followers and those who Liked or Retweeted as you monitor the results. They're OBVIOUSLY keenly interested in similar topics - and sophisticated enough to set up automation. They're a higher caliber of Twitter follower with a broader reach than the average user. Manually Follow all of them as you get new responses in your Notifications panel.

Step 6: Reuse Periodically For A Quick Following Boost

This isn't a Twitter marketing tactic you'd want to use too often. The Hashtagged Tweets can look a little spammy as they flood your timeline. Remember, ultimate success in Social is about engaging People, not Bots. Perhaps more importantly, there seems to be a diminishing Rate Of Return on subsequent attempts in a short time-frame. The Twitter Bots currently running out there largely picked-up on your tags the first time around.

My two-pronged Apple + Marketing strategy was revealing: Clearly Tech Users aren't using bots and automation nearly as much as Internet, Affiliate and Social Media Marketers are. We all know what a Circle-Jerk marketers marketing marketing tips to other marketers can be...

What wasn't clear is WHICH marketing tags are the most powerful. Which is why it's important to cast as wide of a net as possible, and really come up with as many hashtag variant as you can muster. Perhaps in another blog post at I'll have done some research on 'The Most Powerful Twitter Hashtags To Use To Attract Influential Marketers' and come up with a short-list of those that really are.