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SocialAdr BEST Practices And SEO Submission Tips

SEO Tips For SocialAdr Social Bookmarking
Here are some SocialAdr 'best-practices' and submission tips to get the most SEO and direct website traffic benefits from their crowdsourced spun social sharing and bookmarking service.

SocialAdr leverages Top-Tier web properties AND crowdsources Other Users Social Accounts to deliver maximum value IF you use it wisely.

Quality AND Quantity Links

SocialAdr's social sharing and boookmarking tool currently supports around a dozen and a half high domain authority sites. But it doesn't choose the sites randomly. It always submits to properties in the same sequence; currently starting with Pocket and ending with If you want your content to get potentially posted to ALL of the current site list, make sure you do a minimum submission of AT LEAST 18 credits.

SocialAdr's Current Social Site List (In order of posting sequence) = Pocket, Flipboard, Papaly, Instapaper, Ello, YouMob, Bitly, APsense, WeHeartIt, SiteJot, Plurk, TheTopLink, StumbleUpon, Diigo,,,

The quality of these posting sites is obvious. These are High DA/PR properties - No crappy, penalized or de-indexed Pligg and Scuttle junk bookmarking sites are used.

Keep in mind not all SocialAdr users sharing your content will be registered and have their accounts linked-up at ALL the sites either. The best submissions are from other user's accounts that go out to the most sites possible in one swoop. Some of SocialAdr's free users sharing your links and content may only be registered at a few of the sites available. Many though have fully configured accounts. Keep in mind they're trying to earn credits for their own social shares -- so they're highly motivated to have as many sites active and linked-up as possible.

Pause And Resume Submissions

Over the years I've learned SocialAdr is best done with limited, controlled batches of submissions. Set your default to SLOW drip. Promote a new blog post or published article with, say, 25 credits -- then wait a week or two once it's ranking to boost it further. You don't need to be heavy-handed. Slow and steady wins the content ranking race, and it is the most efficient use of your monthly SocialAdr credits.

Boost Your Affiliate Earnings

Many social/bookmarking sites DON'T like affiliate links. They may block, say, Amazon or Clickbank domain links completely and refuse the submission. Others will STRIP referral /?ID=xxx's off the end and just post the root domain URL eliminating any earnings potential. But if you have aff links that are HARD-CODED with no '/?=' like: '' they will get posted on all sites. When I need a quick earnings boost I will blast hard-coded aff links out in 100 credit batches at a time set to Normal distribution speed. Ka-ching! $$$

Spin It To Win It

SocialAdr can be imminently useful (though a bit pricey) for anchor-text diversification. If your backlink profile is too money-keyword heavy, you can spin naked-URL variants or generic anchors in the submissions TITLE field to balance things out.

It goes without saying: Always opt to SPIN YOUR TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS. You need and want a very natural and random backlink profile with diverse anchor text. You also want to randomly target underserved, low-competition long-tail keywords in your Title in particular. Spinning is the easiest way to achieve that automatically.

Always PREVIEW your post. Nothing's worse than sending out submissions with visible Spintax Bracket Errors!!! Preview, preview, preview before hitting that Save button! To ease the pain of spinning, SocialAdr has partnered with and integrated SpinRewriter's spintax tool to spin variations for you with a click of the 'Generate Spintax' button - right next to Preview.

Boost Your Brand And Social Authority

It's not just for money site URL's: Another SocialAdr best practice can be to boost the Page Authority of select Account Profiles, YouTube video URL's, or Web 2.0 properties like, Twitter, Tumblr or any other Tier-1 site that links back to your Social Accounts or Money Sites.

Quick Link Indexing Tool

Lastly, If you only have a few websites, SocialAdr is an excellent tool to get new posts and pages crawled by the search engines FAST. Some webmaster's wonder how to get Google and Bing to crawl their new content quickly. A single SocialAdr submission is all you need. Whether your content will RANK well is up to the search engines. However, if you have a lot of sites and Tier-1 Web 2.0 and PBN blogs and links you're trying to boost, a subscription to a good Link Indexing Service like BacklinksIndexer is usually a more cost-effective route.