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Domain Authority Stacking Tips For Brand Building SEO

Domain Authority SEO Stacking Interlinking
A solid online Brand presence using Domain Authority Stacking SEO techniques can help you utterly dominate top search engine rankings for your name or business. The benefits of stacking Profile authority are multiple: Better Brand Recognition, Reputation Management, and Link Juice power to wherever you choose to direct it. Many of the Profile sites I mention below can even show up on Page 1 of Google search results, that's how high-authority they are. Beyond SEO value, they also simply help people learn more about you, and make it easy to discover and follow you on the social platforms they prefer.

Domain Authority or Social Stacking results from establishing accounts on, then INTERLINKING as many of your online profiles as intelligently as you can. Your Social Authority can be reinforced by taking advantage of the many link opportunities these sites provide in your account profile.

Random Link-Juice Chaos

We've all seen neat and tidy diagrams of circular Link-Wheels and hierarchical Link-Pyramids. But ultimately, Social Profile stacking creates a far more random chart. And that's okay because ultimately the power eventually flows to your primary Money Site(s) anyways.

Tip: Leverage the power of '.ME-Style' Domains

Explicitly designed to showcase your online presence, and are two of the highest authority ones of all, though is my favorite! They allow you to easily create a Branded page featuring your Bio, Accomplishments, Photos, Projects, etc. Just as importantly, they are implicitly designed to let you quickly link up your social accounts to help people find and follow you wherever you hang out online. - -

As you'll see, some are quite clever: Some may display your most recent Tweets. Some might feature your recent YouTube uploads - all automatically and dynamically updated as you do other things on the web. Some might extract your RSS and display a few of your most recent blog posts. Powerful stuff!

Where Profile sites get most interesting for Domain Authority Stacking is in the EXTRA link fields some of them provide beyond the obvious Social Sites like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. When provided, extra link fields let you link to anything.

1. Leverage DEEP-LINK opportunities to specific inner pages or specific blog posts.

2. Link up other sites that aren't in the Top-5 Social Media Darlings list - but are important to your business.

3. You might want to link to an RSS feed that would lead them to a full chronological list of your posts, videos, podcasts, etc.

4. You might even cross-link to OTHER PROFILE SITES to start spreading the high Domain Authority around in link-juicy ways.

5. You could possibly embed direct AFFILIATE LINKS to monetize any click-throughs.

Next Level? You Can Build Links To Your Stacked Profiles

Remember, Domain authority and Page authority are two different things. So you can build links to your Profile pages and beef-up their link juice even more! I'm doing that in this blog post by linking directly to some of my .ME profiles as an example.

You could build Top-Tier Social Links to your profile page URL's with a great Crowd-Sourced Social Sharing service like SocialAdr or LinkCollider.

Or, you could simply run your Profile site URL's through a link indexing tool like Backlinks Indexer and easily send some link-juice to start building your Profile link's Page authority.

Tip: If Twitter is a primary platform for you, dozens of Twitter-centric sites make it possible to do a form of Twitter Authority Stacking in interesting ways. Here's some of my favorites:

Twiends - Awesome tweet wall page
TweetWally - Another tweet summary wall
Cuilr - Your profile URL + The Leaderboard page
CoPromote - Crowdsourced retweets and shares
Babbly - Crowdsourced Twitter, LinkedIn & FB shares

The overarching notion here is to think outside the box! Perhaps you have dabbled with various Profile sites, spent a bit of time configuring them initially - but then never gave them another thought. As an effective Parasite SEO Strategy, they're worth revisiting to make sure you're really taking advantage of every link opportunity to get on Page 1 of search results that they provide.