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Welcome to the blog. Here you'll find articles of interest to Apple using website owners, affiliate and internet marketers who are using their Macintosh computer to build websites, run and promote a personal blog, manage a business website - or drive traffic to, effectively socially market and make money online from one or more affiliate sites.

We'll focus on Mac-specific SEO software, tools, tips and strategies from an Apple computer user's perspective. Though many of the internet's tasks and chores are platform agnostic, there's many aspects unique and specific to getting the job done on Mac OSX or using a Mac compatible web browser to get things accomplished.

As someone who's been publishing on the world wide web since it was ever possible on the Mac platform, I bring a long and insightful perspective to the ever changing landscape of Apple website creation, search engine optimization, link building, making money online, and content marketing social media strategies.

Thanks for visiting - and be sure to follow MacSEOTips on Twitter, Google Plus and FaceBook for affiliate and internet marketing news from a Macintosh users point of view.