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How To Boost Amazon Affiliate Earnings Quick : MMO Guerilla Marketing

Boost Affiliate Income Quickly
Pondering ways to boost your Amazon Affiliate earnings and make extra money online as fast as possible? Here's some immediately actionable tips to drive more traffic through your - and other's Social Media accounts to get more Amazon visitors, affiliate cookies set, and increased daily earnings.

Many of us run multiple niche affiliate websites and get the lion's share of base daily traffic from organic search visits. But there are a number of other ways to immediately boost your affiliate income potential by leveraging social media properties with an aggressive and focused approach, done smart.

Social Sharing Using Amazon's Site Stripe

Amazon provides affiliates a very easy way to directly share to Twitter or FaceBook from any product page. Just make sure you're logged into the proper accounts first. This presumes you already have (as you should) well-established accounts with a decent following of real, targeted users that you've cultivated over time. If you're not using Site Stripe to share a product, or three, or more each and every day, you're missing out. Even if you do it manually, you should make using it part of your daily marketing tasks.

Choose Optimal High-Converting Products

We all have preferred affiliate products we like to promote. But make a point of browsing Amazon's BEST-SELLER lists in your category to find the Top-100 selling products that are most likely to - and have been proven to convert the best. 'Sell more of what sells!'

Attach Images For Better Traction

Posts with images draw more attention and get more clicks, simple as that. Include a clear, colorful product photo whenever possible to make your aff link more appealing.

Posting Amazon Links To Twitter and FaceBook

Always MODIFY the pre-written text Amazon provides and rewrite it with a far more compelling Call To Action to explore or buy the product you're featuring. Keep the shortlink towards the front of the post. Add two appropriate #hashtags at the very end of each to help them get deeper search traction: Use short and popular tags like; #tech #health #fashion. Many Twitter users use automation to Like and even better, Retweet content with specific trigger hashtags or keywords! Always use hashtags.

Get Others To Share Your Affiliate Links

This is where you get real leverage. By using social sharing sites like You Like Hits, Add Me Fast or Link Collider, you can get re-shares or re-tweets of your monetized links. I've found re-tweets in particular to really help amplify and expand my original tweet's visibility exponentially. FaceBook, not so much.

Schedule A Sequence Of Monetized Posts

To really make a dent in income boosting, you must strive to post beyond just FaceBook and Twitter, and AUTOMATE the publishing of monetized updates on social media daily.

The best tool for automating Twitter posts is SocialJukeBox (formerly called TweetJukeBox) because of it's ability to INFINITELY LOOP and attach an image of your choosing. Even a limited free account can post a handful of monetized Tweets each day for you in perpetuity.

Broaden Your Reach To Other Social Platforms

I can recommend a few tools to broaden your posting reach. Do be aware; some platforms don't allow affiliate links, some social bookmarking sites might strip out referral id's, or block domains like Amazon, ClickBank or JVZoo entirely.

Try SocialAdr for social shares and bookmarks from other people's accounts across a dozen and a half of the top tier bookmarking and sharing sites.

Leverage BufferApp to reach and automate FB and Twitter - They support posting to LinkedIn and Google+ too but tread lightly or infrequently, and mix in other content.

An OnlyWire account can send your affiliate links out to many, many more of your social sites and blogs as well. Just be aware posting monetized links on certain platforms can get you a warning or your account suspended, so you have to choose which sites you post to carefully. Using Sets can help post via OnlyWire to specific properties - and not all of them.) Google+, and Tumblr for example may tolerate occasional monetized links, but a steady stream of them might cause trouble.