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Article Submission Software For Mac Content Marketing

Article Submitter Software Mac : ASHelperIs there any known article submission software for Mac OSX? Well there is, or was, or sorta is. An article directory submitter program called ASHelper was written years ago using Adobe Air cross-platform technology and is still available for download.

Article Submission Helper - ASHelper - is sadly no longer officially supported. It comes pre-loaded with over 100 article directories and a way to semi-automate registering at each, then submit to them from pre-populated account log-in and article content fields. The problem is the vast majority of the directories are no longer in existence. Perhaps more importantly, only 10 or so of the highest PageRank and Domain Authority directories which still rank for a lot of keywords are even worth submitting to these days.

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That said, ASHelper can still be a useful Mac article submitter tool because it supports spintax decoding and data fields to enter your Title, Summary, Article Body, and a spun Author Resource box. It includes a built-in web browser to navigate to each directory and log in. By pre-loading a spun article, then using Copy & Paste -- You can spin a variant, copy and paste the content to the proper fields at each site, complete your article submit, then go to another directory and spin again. If you're willing to slog from one article directory to another - it CAN help you do manual submissions yourself a little easier - and post more unique articles to each site. You can download the app here.

DIY Mac Article Directory Submission vs SEO Outsourcing
The benefit of doing it yourself is that you post to YOUR OWN author accounts and benefit from centralized control over all your articles at each site. There's a lot of value to having a well-maintained Author Account at several of the top directories, to have a complete profile filled out, have a handful of articles published at each.

Manual DIY submission is slow and tedious. Writing a high-caliber article, manual spinning of flawless quality, preparing varied Article Summaries and Author Box content and anchor link URL variations is a big task. Then slogging from directory to directory, spinning, copy and pasting then submitting is ultimately an arduous endeavor no matter how you slice it.

Spintax Article SubmissionAs an alternative, outsourcing a fully spun article submission with RankCrew might be a more efficient method. For $8-$10 you can get a 30 or 50 article submission package to their well-maintained list of ranking and active article directories. Particularly with spun titles, the spintax assures your articles target long-tail keyword variants as they're published and more of your articles are likely to avoid duplicate content filtering.

Fiverr Article Submit GigsA third option might be to outsource it on Fiverr. There you'll generally find gigs that will submit an article to their best choice of 10-15 directories for $5. They may - or may not - support spintax articles. The best gigs give you the option to create accounts you specify to let you control the username and log-in password for them. But typically, when you outsource article submission, it's usually done under THEIR registered accounts, and with someone else's pen-name. The article and Author Resource Box will still be yours, but you won't be able to log in, edit, or manage any published articles.

High DA / PA - PageRank Article Directories

The higher the Domain Authority of the directory, the more likely your articles are to rank on the first few pages of the major search engines. Of course the primary keywords in your title and content are subject to the ranking competitiveness of the topic. So longtail keyword research is essential when crafting your article's topic, content and title.

In another post I present a short-list of CURRENT article directory recommendations that still rank well in Google and Bing and are best to target your publishing efforts on in the year ahead. Always publish to #1 EzineArticles first as the apex of your Mac content marketing strategy -- Then publish spun variants at the others after Ezine approval.