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Market Samurai vs Long Tail Pro Mac Keyword Research Tools

Those who are Apple affiliate or internet marketers with one or multiple websites know the value of having good Mac keyword research tools that directly run on OSX such as Market Samurai's Keyword Analysis module or as an alternative, Spencer Haw's Long Tail Pro. Both of these run by using Adobe AIR runtime technology for cross-platform use on either a Windows PC or Macintosh computer. Both tap into your registered Google AdWords account to leverage data from their keyword planner.

Mac Keyword Tool Market SamuraiMarket Samurai is clearly the most established player. Not only does it include a great keyword planning tool but 7 other modules making it a serious all-in-one SEO app which also performs SEO Competition, Rank Tracking, Domain Samurai, Find and Publish Content, Affiliate Monetization, and Link Building Promotion too. You get 8 modules in all for a one time fee to purchase. One can optionally buy additional keyword rank tracking credits if needed, but that's totally optional. Setting Traffic, Title and URL competition filters/limits is the key to finding easy long tail phrases and the best permalink URL's to use in your posts and articles. Sadly, their own built-in presets aren't optimal, but you can set your own thresholds to quickly spot low-competition underserved key phrases.

Mac Long Tail Keyword ToolLongTail Pro has a narrower scope, primarily keyword research and competition analyzing - as well as domain purchasing research for optimal partial and exact match domain choices. It's largely based on a subscription model. It's usable with a low one-time purchase fee, but there's additional monthly costs to unlock the (somewhat essential) LongTail Platinum level features. One of these is a KC Score, a 1-click calculator of competitive metrics to indicate which keywords you're most likely to rank for; something Market Samurai doesn't have. Most frustrating you can't just paste or import a list of keywords you've already gathered or analyzed in the (ahem) Pro version - you must upgrade to the Platinum version.

In your own shoot-out of Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai Mac -- I'd encourage Apple web masters to explore the free trial of BOTH these two keyword research apps for Mac OSX. Both have excellent training videos on their website or on YouTube to quickly get up to speed during the trial evaluation period. That said I think the vast majority of internet marketers find Mac Market Samurai to be the best money they'd ever invested in for a Mac compatible SEO tool. And that Long Tail Pro is a possible adjunct to help refine your keyword lists and get additional targeting perspective.