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Mac Social Marketing : Growing Fans Followers And Likes FAST For Free

Whether you have one or several social media marketing personas, growing a large user-base can be challenging. Free like exchanges are an easy way to build your online presence if you're wanting to build an initial social fan-base and following. You can get nearly instant traffic to your website or social pages.

LinkCollider | AddMeFast | YouLikeHits

Like Exchange Services like You Like Hits, LinkCollider, and Add Me Fast are a few recommended sites for building online visibility rapidly and at very little or no cost. Check out and leverage the three linked services linked above to start exploring the following and traffic generating potential of each. Simply signing up with these services will get you an initial batch of free credits for a quick start to your content promotion efforts.

Regardless of your preferred marketing platforms, building an active following is essential to learning where you can best get social traction and what types work best. The ROI of social participation can vary widely. Curating and posting to each of the major social networks is a time pit. "Build it - And they will come" doesn't always work. So kickstarting a following by exploring Exchange Networks can be wise. And it needn't cost you anything. There's plenty of opportunities and online services to get you free fans, followers, shares, likes and hits with as little as ten minutes of effort a day.

Wide Range Of Supported Social Sites

Depending on your audience demographics and niche, you're likely to find that certain of the top-tier sites resonate more with your users than others. Photography oriented visual content marketers will typically find the most traction with Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest accounts. Video marketers will best leverage Vimeo and YouTube. Musicians and Podcast Creators may thrive on iTunes, MySpace or SoundCloud. B2B Businesses will typically find their most active target audience on LinkedIn or Twitter, etc.

For musicians, building a following or getting listens to their sound files uploaded at MySpace or SoundCloud is a way like exchanges can help grow your audience. For some, getting Twitter, Google+ Plus and FaceBook Page or Pinterest followers are a top priority in their internet marketing efforts.

All the click exchange services feature a wide variety of the most popular Social Media sites and a diverse range of likes, clicks, follows and traffic you can get from each type. You can also set up direct visitor hits and page view traffic to any specified page of a website of your choosing.

Free Or Paid Traffic Exchange Options

If you're on a tight budget, you can simply visit, like, follow and share other people's stuff to your own accounts to earn free credits. As you explore each click exchange you'll soon learn which kinds of sharing are best to earn the most points. With some exploration and experience you can build up your stockpile of credits quite quickly.

If you have some money to spend, you can just opt to buy a batch of exchange credits and let others do all of the promoting for you. You usually have the option to control the maximum number of credits used per day. This lets you steadily get new clicks in a slower, more natural way - while making the most of your overall credit usage.

Avoid Purchasing Bulk Fake Followers

Outright purchases of bundles of 500/1000/5000 instant fans like you'll find on Fiverr and elsewhere simply doesn't work. The vast majority sell worthless social accounts that are fake, Fake, FAKE. Regardless of how real the zombie accounts may appear be configured, they do nothing for engagement and actually dilute and decrease your quality metrics.

Why Link Exchange Users Are Better

Like, Share and Traffic Exchange Networks where people willing trade likes and followings in exchange for credits are a definite step up from bulk packages. There's at least some degree of real human interaction. The quality may not be high, but you do get exposure and a real degree of self-selection as exchange users often consciously CHOOSE to click your placement over others. Sometimes that's because your Niche really does align with their interests. For sure, there'll be those who simply click to get points - or those who just set up dummy social accounts they never personally use. But many DO make active decisions about which items they prefer to share - and do so using their active primary social accounts. So don't pooh-pooh exchanges entirely.