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3 Free Broken Link Checkers For Mac Website Maintenence

Mac Broken Link CheckerLooking for Apple-friendly tools to check for broken links on your website? There'a a few OSX broken link checker apps for Mac that can help quickly identify broken, unresolvable or dead links quickly, and for free.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider For Mac OSX

The best free webmaster tool to check for broken links that runs natively on Mac OS is Screaming Frog. (They also offer Windows and Linux versions.) A must-have tool for keeping your internal and outgoing links clean and functional - and keeping the search engines happy with your site.

Integrity Link Checker For Mac OSX

Another favorite from Sheila Dixon at PeacockMedia is Integrity - it's the 'Lite' free version to check a site's link structure. A far more powerful Pro sibling called Scrutiny offers a 30-day trial.

SEO Spyder For Mac OSX

Another free website link checker is SEOSpyder - which runs natively on OSX - can check up to 500 links. That might be fine for smaller sites or those without a lot of blog entries. A full, unlocked version is also available from Mobilio.

Finding, removing or fixing broken links matters. A few dead links are normal over the course of time, and it's not fatal to a website's rankings. But it is a metric the search engine spiders take into account as they crawl your website - and can flag for demerit points of your site has an excessive number of them. A few minutes with any of the above mentioned Mac backlink checkers can help pinpoint any problem links in a minute or two.

A broken link gives you a few options. You can replace the link with the proper URL if it moved or was malformed. You can replace the link destination to a better resource. Or, you can delete the link entirely if it's not essential to your content.