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Social Stacking SEO For Brand Building And Authority Links

Social Profile Stacking SEO
Social Stacking for SEO purposes is perhaps one of the most underused strategies to really build both your brand and link authority. As you can see in this post's header graphic, a social profile can have it's own Page Authority distinct from the Domain Authority of the site it sits on. That profile can be boosted with other links to strengthen it even further. Note how it only took a handful of links to push my profile from PA0 to PA48.

Social Stacking SEO tactics are about fully leveraging the power of the links on high Domain Authority Profile Pages you already have or can build around the internet. Particularly valuable are one's that integrate easy connection to multiple Social Media accounts, and let you add some unique content and other profile links of your own. We've all registered at sites that let us do some of that, but here are a few that are exceptionally powerful when leveraged to their fullest:
Very simple and straightforward, Flavors offers an easy to setup Brand page with up to 5 links for free within minutes. Sure you could predictably link to your money site, Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, and LinkedIn or Pinterest. But what if you linked to Klout,, Know'Em, or some other profiles instead?

1. Palette of 20 Social sites to choose from with a button click
2. Optional RSS feed
3. Logo / Avatar and Bio section
Building out a profile on is great place to start. Here's some features of note:

1. RSS Feed support that displays your 3 Latest Posts on your profile page.
2. Social Account Buttons linking to your profile on some of the most popular social sites.
3. An Add Your Own links section providing opportunities to deep-link and control anchor text to anywhere you choose.
4. Find, Like and Engage with other About Me users for boosting profile traffic.
You can quickly build-out a responsive, multi-section summary page at Branded.Me in minutes with a rich, mobile-friendly template designed to highlight your skills, interests, projects, photos and more.

1.The Contact section offers easy to link buttons to other popular social sites.
2. The 'Projects' section makes it easy to create featured anchored links to 3 other Web 2.0 properties, your guest posts, or money sites.
3. Other page sections for free-form content entry.
Registering and locking-in social accounts for your Brand / Name should be done for more than just backlinks. It's also critical for Brand Protection and Reputation Management by claiming and establishing a large and consistent presence you can directly control. Sites like Know'Em help you do that. But in addition, your profile page there is very, very powerful.

Social Stacking Benefits Of Know'Em
1. You can add an anchored link to your money site.
2. Two of your most recent blog entries get featured links from your RSS feed.
3. A separate RSS feed linking to ALL your claimed profile URLS can also be submitted to feed directories.
4. Ability to directly download all your claimed profile URL's for further link building efforts.
A modest little Q&A answers site, TipDrop is a Social Stacking SEO powerhouse thanks to the TEN Do-Follow link boxes available on your profile page. Those 10 links can be carefully crafted to send link-juice to a diverse range of properties and profiles. Tip: Participating in a few answers or asking questions help fill out the profile page with content from your recent activity on the site.

1. Money Sites.
2. Web 2.0 Blogs / Posts.
3. Other Social Account Profiles.
4. Direct Affiliate Links!

Random Link Chaos - Stacking Done Well

Random Link ChaosThis chart illustrates the net effect of Social Stacking SEO methods. It creates a very random and chaotic link graph of high-authority, yet very diverse backlinks. Contrast this with the footprint of spokes of a typical link-wheel or the ascending layers of a tiered link-pyramid.

Building Links To Increase Profile Page Authority

Many people might build out some of these pages and seldom give them another thought. But what if you did even a bit of additional backlink building to these Profile properties? You'd help create and increase PAGE AUTHORITY to help your links on them become even more valuable.

The most powerful might be an OnlyWire submission that would include blog post links in addition to shares and bookmarking. Another step could be some social shares and bookmarks to send some keyword-relevant titles leveraging other peoples Web 2.0 accounts. The simplest way might just be running your social profile URLS through a Backlink Boosting Tool to get the page crawled and powered-up.

Above were just a few examples of some notable websites ideal for high-value social SEO stacking strategies - and recommended link building tools to supercharge them. If there's other Brand / Profile sites you're aware of that offer a lot of link types and opportunities - Kick off a direct message to MacSEOTips on Twitter and I'll explore it for inclusion in this evergreen blog post.

Link Collider Review : All-In-1 Social Likes - Shares Traffic Exchange

Mac Social Sharing Tools
Of all the social sharing, likes and hits services I've tried, Link Collider is my #1 fave. It's a very modern, well-developed cloud-based service that is simple to use and control from any web browser. It's a quite comprehensive 'All-In-One' SEO link building and social sharing platform with spintax support of all Titles and Description fields. It's elegantly designed and well implemented. Although there's many other competing Like Exchange and Share services, the user interface really sets it apart from others like AddMeFast or YouLikeHits. Link Collider's user interface is world-class SaaS programming and quite impressive!

Diverse Socal Sharing Automation

I spend about $1 a day across 20 sites/urls to get a huge variety of shares, likes, followers, and links. The service covers pretty much all the major, top-tier social sites WORTH posting to. Namely: FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Google+. (LinkedIn, Instagram and SoundCloud are a few of the major platforms that aren't currently supported.) Although you can promote 3 URLS for free by sharing content and earning daily credits, a basic paid account gives you set-it, forget-it promotion to 20 or more URL's. Other LinkCollider 'worker-bees' with free accounts do the sharing for you, so you can focus on more important content creation and marketing activities.

Permanent Backlink Building Too

LinkCollider recently added WordPress and Blogger blog post links as well to diversify backlink types beyond just social shares and signals. These yield more potentially permanent links. On the downside, they'll end up on random Blogspot and WP blogs mixed in with other shares - Uncategorized - and on blogs lacking any tight, niche-related topical theme.

Link Collider also run their own mini blog network of about 3 dozen sub-domained sites that optionally generates one permanent backlink for each web page URL you have active each day. Though some of these blogs have surprisingly high Domain Authority - posts aren't even categorized and worse - Link Collider's blogs all sit on the same IP address, lowering your daily placed link's SEO value while leaving a huge footprint.

They added a spintax checking *preview* option to the blog network backlink module recently which is very helpful in detecting and correcting bracket errors. Publishing with occasional visual spintax formatting glitches is a dead giveaway you're using spun content and automation. Though all of Link Collider's text fields support spun Titles and Descriptions for all submission types, spintax *preview* isn't (yet) implemented site-wide. They're working on it, and full spintax checking is much needed.

Granular Control Over Social Sharing

Although there's options for click traffic and auto-surf website exposure too - I don't recommend you spend credits on those notoriously low-converting activities. You can simply un-check any share types you don't want at all, or disable them after you've received x-number of shares. For example, when I add a new URL I let it initially post to ALL the major services. However, after a dozen shares I typically turn-off Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Tumblr - and focus primarily on Google+, FaceBook and Twitter shares for the long haul.

If you have a monthly paid account, you can set the daily limit for shares. I spread my daily credits across 20 URL's for slow and random share types over the course of the month. You can dynamically add / remove URL's to immediately stop and start promoting a different page or account.

Some Link Shares Are Better Than Others

Particularly with highly visual sites, text-based shares don't get much if any traction. Without the ability to attach a preferred image to your Pinterest or Tumblr share, they just end up as dull text entries posted in someones Pin or Tumblr stream.

Who's Sharing Content On Link Collider?

If there's a major downside for me, the Link Collider user-base is very international. Most users earning credits for sharing your content are from, say, India, Malaysia, and other Asian Rim countries - but that's common with ALL of the link exchanges. I'd ideally prefer a more targeted and affluent USA following / users / shares for my affiliate marketing and I'm not getting as much of that as I'd like. Better geographical targeting is a sorely needed feature.

Tracking Link Collider Social Share Activities

Social Link Count Tools
Sadly, many of Link Collider's shares, likes, follows, etc, don't show up anywhere I can readily find or verify. Clearly SOME of them are happening - but may be occuring in other global Geo-Locations a North American internet user won't see. If a French user shares something on their country's account - it's not going to show up anywhere in a stream in the USA.

If you use any of the free Social Media Popularity link checkers online - (I like this one at SEOCentro) - you will see at least some of them are showing up in your growing share counts within a few days. So at least some of these social shares and signals are getting out there and getting crawled.

FYI: I also leverage a SocialAdr account subscription for spun content social shares and bookmarks. At least there I get full reporting so I can fully verify if the link was posted, if the specific URL is still live, and can optionally download the links for running through a backlink indexing tool if I want to send more link-juice their way. SocialAdr also targets a very different set of Top-Tier social sharing sites, so I consider it an important adjunct to my social signal marketing process.

Fan And Follow Growth - Slow And Steady

LinkCollider provides it's own daily and cumulative share / follow counts for you to monitor as well, but there's NO easy way to confirm any of them. And the counts certainly aren't accurate. A particular SEO FaceBook Fan Page I run now has about 62 followers - though LinkCollider tells me (and has spent my credits) supposedly getting me well over 200. The same with Twitter where Link Collider may say I got a dozen follows that day - but in my Twitter Notifications panel I might only see a couple of new followers.

That said, Link Collider does seem to be growing my social followings slow and steady: I'm using it specifically for Twitter, Pinterest and FaceBook account building. As long as I'm getting incremental Fan growth very cheaply, maybe that's okay. I look at it somewhat like high-PR web directory submissions - you submit to a 100 directory sites, and maybe end up with a dozen actual approved links.

Kiss A Lot Of Frogs To Find Some Princes

It's worth keeping in mind most of these types of services all have a fair number of users posting to real-looking but 'fake' zombie accounts. They'll share your content to earn credits -- but basically few humans ever see or interact with their account activity. A simple Fiverr gig to register at dozens of social sites it all it takes - but these spammy accounts often lack social authority or followings of their own to amplify their activity.

That said, some Link Collider users may share from their real, primary personal accounts - but might quickly delete/unfollow you shortly after they've earned points for it. However, it also possible that someone who's sharing has an actual interest in your niche, actively chooses to share your content, has a respectable following, and may engage with your content, site, or account long into the future.

Is LinkCollider Safe To Use?

On the simplest level there are only TWO kinds of websites / pages / posts out there on the internet: Those that get shared, liked, and visits - and those that don't. It's important to TRY to get visibility for your content in whatever ways you can. 'Crowd-Sourcing' is one way to get others helping you. How aggressive you are about acquiring likes and shares through Social and Traffic Exchanges is up to you. If you're like many internet and affiliate marketers, you have multiple sites, some of which desperately need ANY traction they can get. Others may be so penalized by Google that you've got nothing to lose SEO wise. If you're uncomfortable with share exchanges, you can initially experiment with them on sites that have nowhere to go but up. Or, use them LIGHTLY on money-sites to send a supplemental sprinkling of signals without being too heavy-handed.

Link Collider Review : Final Thoughts

I figure many of the credits I spend don't have much direct ROI. But for a penny or less, it doesn't matter. We know the major search engines are at least monitoring social activity and mentions: Namely Google loves Twitter, and Bing and FaceBook have had long ties. We know social posts can help new content get crawled and ranking quicker. How these social mentions directly translate to higher organic search SERP rankings is still unknown. However, after using the service with a Basic paid account for a few months, the *CUMULATIVE* effects of all these shares are starting to add up to some direct traffic and slow but steadily growing a fanbase / following that I'd otherwise find hard to obtain.

You can always try a Link Collider free trial and dabble with three site URL's or Social Accounts you'd like to promote.

Mac Social Marketing : Growing Fans Followers And Likes FAST For Free

Whether you have one or several social media marketing personas, growing a large user-base can be challenging. Free like exchanges are an easy way to build your online presence if you're wanting to build an initial social fan-base and following. You can get nearly instant traffic to your website or social pages.

LinkCollider | AddMeFast | YouLikeHits

Like Exchange Services like You Like Hits, LinkCollider, and Add Me Fast are a few recommended sites for building online visibility rapidly and at very little or no cost. Check out and leverage the three linked services linked above to start exploring the following and traffic generating potential of each. Simply signing up with these services will get you an initial batch of free credits for a quick start to your content promotion efforts.

Regardless of your preferred marketing platforms, building an active following is essential to learning where you can best get social traction and what types work best. The ROI of social participation can vary widely. Curating and posting to each of the major social networks is a time pit. "Build it - And they will come" doesn't always work. So kickstarting a following by exploring Exchange Networks can be wise. And it needn't cost you anything. There's plenty of opportunities and online services to get you free fans, followers, shares, likes and hits with as little as ten minutes of effort a day.

Wide Range Of Supported Social Sites

Depending on your audience demographics and niche, you're likely to find that certain of the top-tier sites resonate more with your users than others. Photography oriented visual content marketers will typically find the most traction with Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest accounts. Video marketers will best leverage Vimeo and YouTube. Musicians and Podcast Creators may thrive on iTunes, MySpace or SoundCloud. B2B Businesses will typically find their most active target audience on LinkedIn or Twitter, etc.

For musicians, building a following or getting listens to their sound files uploaded at MySpace or SoundCloud is a way like exchanges can help grow your audience. For some, getting Twitter, Google+ Plus and FaceBook Page or Pinterest followers are a top priority in their internet marketing efforts.

All the click exchange services feature a wide variety of the most popular Social Media sites and a diverse range of likes, clicks, follows and traffic you can get from each type. You can also set up direct visitor hits and page view traffic to any specified page of a website of your choosing.

Free Or Paid Traffic Exchange Options

If you're on a tight budget, you can simply visit, like, follow and share other people's stuff to your own accounts to earn free credits. As you explore each click exchange you'll soon learn which kinds of sharing are best to earn the most points. With some exploration and experience you can build up your stockpile of credits quite quickly.

If you have some money to spend, you can just opt to buy a batch of exchange credits and let others do all of the promoting for you. You usually have the option to control the maximum number of credits used per day. This lets you steadily get new clicks in a slower, more natural way - while making the most of your overall credit usage.

Avoid Purchasing Bulk Fake Followers

Outright purchases of bundles of 500/1000/5000 instant fans like you'll find on Fiverr and elsewhere simply doesn't work. The vast majority sell worthless social accounts that are fake, Fake, FAKE. Regardless of how real the zombie accounts may appear be configured, they do nothing for engagement and actually dilute and decrease your quality metrics.

Why Link Exchange Users Are Better

Like, Share and Traffic Exchange Networks where people willing trade likes and followings in exchange for credits are a definite step up from bulk packages. There's at least some degree of real human interaction. The quality may not be high, but you do get exposure and a real degree of self-selection as exchange users often consciously CHOOSE to click your placement over others. Sometimes that's because your Niche really does align with their interests. For sure, there'll be those who simply click to get points - or those who just set up dummy social accounts they never personally use. But many DO make active decisions about which items they prefer to share - and do so using their active primary social accounts. So don't pooh-pooh exchanges entirely.

5-Minute Twitter Follower Hack Using Hashtags For Targeted Followers

Twitter Account Growth Hacking
Want to QUICKLY ramp-up your Twitter following? Here's a simple, 5 minute Twitter followers growth hacking method done by using a sequence of hashtag-loaded Tweets in rapid-fire succession. You can grow and fortify your Twitter account with highly-targeted users in minutes.

Automation is active everywhere on the Social Web. Apps and Bots scour posts and #hashtag usage to find topics, people, conversations and content aligned with other marketers and user's interests. People also manually search for #hashtags to find things of interest or trending topics (which is why routinely using one or two in each of your daily Twitter posts is a smart marketing tactic.)

Even if you don't use any Social automation yourself, you can simply LEVERAGE the automation others widely use to help grow your own following in minutes. This growth hack is great to get on the radar of like-minded folk and it's useful for improving the quality of your social following.

This quick Twitter growth hacking tactic isn't just about quickly getting some new followers. The process detailed here will also likely get some of the Tweets automatically Favorited, your account added to several Twitter user Lists, and possibly retweeted too!

Step 1: Find Your Hashtag Vocabulary

Use Apple's TextEdit, Stickies, or Notes to key-in a few dozen core THINGS you are about. Come up with 1, 2, or sometimes 3 word phrases to convert into pound-sign preceded, no spaces or hyphen #hashtags.

For example, my account @MacSEOTips is about using an Apple Mac computer to do SEO and Internet Marketing: That's two distinct angles I can leverage into a hundred different hashtags needed for this exercise. You'll substitute your own market's unique vocabulary and buzzwords to best target users in your niche.

You're going to use them in a rapid-fire sequence of hashtag-loaded Tweets using as much of the 140 characters Twitter allows as possible.

Step 2: Prepare Tag Loaded Tweets

Create a Tweet sequence prefaced with something HUMAN -- A short opening phrase expressing your interest in those kind of followers and topics. Don't paste only hashtags: Strive to engage any real Twitter users who might actually see your growth hack posts too.

Some wording suggestions for human Tweet engagement: "I share about: "I'm passionate about:" "I love talking:" "I'm interested in:" "I resonate with:" "I avidly follow:" "My fave topics:" "My key interests:" Adjust and copy-fit your 140 character maximum tweet length to take advantage of EVERY possible character allowed.

Twitter Growth Hacking Tactics
I started by composing Tweets targeting Apple and Macintosh computer users in general - many of whom may have their own business websites or personal blogs and be interested in promoting them. There may be more than one angle you could pursue in your given niche as well.

I'm expert in: #apple #mac #macintosh #macos #osx #macbook #imac #macmini #macpro #ibooks #macbookair #macbookpro #macosx

I'm a fan of: #ipod #iphone #ipad #iwatch #applewatch #appletv #mobilecomputing #handhelds

I'm really into: #computers #computing #tech #technology #gadgets #gizmos #peripherals #upgrades

I'm geeky about: #bluetooth #usb #firewire #thunderbolt #wireless #wifi #airplay #airprint #audio #video

Now lets move onto the Marketing vocabulary where I targeted Online, Content and Social Marketers: The hashtag-loaded Tweets looked like this:

I hang out on: #twitter #linkedin #pinterest #youtube #facebook #periscope #vimeo #meerkat #stumbleupon #digg #instagram

I avidly follow: #growthhacking, #socialmedia, #smm, #marketing, #seo #blogging #socialmarketing #affiliate #affiliatemarketing #pressrelease #pressreleasemarketing #pr #prmarketing

I groove on: #infographics #infograms #visualmarketing #contentmarketing #curation #contentcuration #videomarketing #podcasting #podcasts

I'm into: #videoediting #explainervideos #podcastmarketing #articles #articlemarketing #blogging #guestblogging #blogger

I'm obsessed with: #seo #google #bing #yahoo #duckduckgo #sem #smo #cro #growthhacking #growthhacker #cpc #cpa #cpm

I share about: #linkbuilding #backlinks #seotips #seotools #seoapps #seosoftware #searchengines #searchmarketing #wordpress #webdevelopment

You get the idea. I know it wasn't necessary to give Sooooo Many examples of tweets in this post. But I'm being ARCH here - I'm using exhaustive examples as an on-page SEO boosting technique for this particular blog post: A high word count hack for the post itself, and more LSI and long-tail keyword leverage from all the hashtag content.

Step 3: Note Your Starting Follower Count

Once you've created your own posting sequence like above: Head to Twitter and take note of, or do a screen-shot of your current follower count on the main feed or on your Twitter Analytics page. It will help you assess the effectiveness and follower growth from this hack.

Step 4: Tweet In Rapid-Fire Sequence

Post your Tweets one after the other. Copy-Paste-Tweet, Copy-Paste-Tweet, etc.

Tip: You can use a free BUFFERAPP Social Sharing account to send these out to ALL your top social accounts and see if posting hashtag loaded content helps gets traction on other platforms too. My current Buffer setup lets me post to Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and my FaceBook business page in one swoop. Opt to 'Share Now' for each Tweet rather than dribble out on your regular Buffer schedule.

Step 5: Monitor Your Tweet Hack Results

Twitter Growth Hacking Tactic
I guarantee you will start seeing your NOTIFICATIONS alert count steadily increment - literally in 1 minute or less. Many Bots strive to crawl twitter in real-time, others run on frequent schedules - so you'll likely see a peak burst of traction almost immediately, then continue for the next half-hour or so.

As you can see above, this keyword tagged Twitter growth hack WORKS. It ultimately produced well over a dozen new followers in short order, got various Faves, and most interestingly; Added my Twitter handle To Lists like Video Marketing and Search Engine Marketing - which can have longer term benefits. Twitter users often use other people's Lists as a source of finding accounts to follow who are influencers in their sphere - so the more Lists you're included in the better!

IMMEDIATELY FOLLOW BACK the new followers and those who Liked or Retweeted as you monitor the results. They're OBVIOUSLY keenly interested in similar topics - and sophisticated enough to set up automation. They're a higher caliber of Twitter follower with a broader reach than the average user. Manually Follow all of them as you get new responses in your Notifications panel.

Step 6: Reuse Periodically For A Quick Following Boost

This isn't a Twitter marketing tactic you'd want to use too often. The Hashtagged Tweets can look a little spammy as they flood your timeline. Remember, ultimate success in Social is about engaging People, not Bots. Perhaps more importantly, there seems to be a diminishing Rate Of Return on subsequent attempts in a short time-frame. The Twitter Bots currently running out there largely picked-up on your tags the first time around.

My two-pronged Apple + Marketing strategy was revealing: Clearly Tech Users aren't using bots and automation nearly as much as Internet, Affiliate and Social Media Marketers are. We all know what a Circle-Jerk marketers marketing marketing tips to other marketers can be...

What wasn't clear is WHICH marketing tags are the most powerful. Which is why it's important to cast as wide of a net as possible, and really come up with as many hashtag variant as you can muster. Perhaps in another blog post at I'll have done some research on 'The Most Powerful Twitter Hashtags To Use To Attract Influential Marketers' and come up with a short-list of those that really are.