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Best HD Webcams For YouTube Vlogging - Google Hangouts

Mac Web Camera IconSuccessful video marketing on a Mac means outputting high-quality video files. If you're shopping for the best webcam for YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or Google Hangout vlogging, here's a short list of three OSX compatible web cameras most worthy of consideration.

Logitech's Mac compatible C920 is the sweet-spot of absolute clarity, clean audio, and responsive autofocus at a good price. A camera tripod mount assures the option of stability and precise positioning. With a conventional 78 degree field of view it's optimal for direct 1-person talking head videos without including too much surrounding background.

Logitech's OSX compatible C930e is currently their top-of-the-line HD USB webcam with tripod mount -- although it might not be best for solo video bloggers. It has a wider, 90 degree Field-Of-View than most personal webcams and may be best suited for 2 or 3 person teams where more than one person needs to fit on-camera during your hangout or capture sessions.

For the bargain hunter, Logitech's OSX compatible C615 delivers amazing performance for 50 bucks or less. It's portable, fold-up design might be good for Mac video bloggers on the go. It too has a camera mounting hole for tripods and an optical quality glass lens for HD capture that's head and shoulders above any Apple built-in iSight camera.

All the above support up to 1080p HD resolution, have optical quality glass lens, and auto-focus. They also include either a very high-quality single microphone (C615) or dual microphone elements (920c / 930e) that are distinctly better than the tiny, tiny microphone element built into Apple MacBooks or iMacs. So, you can get better audio quality as well as superior video capture in one purchase. More serious YouTubers and Podcasters might want to opt for a separate USB condenser mic for even better audio fidelity.