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Must-Have Apple Gadgets For Mac Internet Marketing Success

apple-hardwareArmed with just a Mac and a high-speed internet connection you can put your mark on the world wide web and experience a fair degree of affiliate or internet marketing success. But what Apple gadgets and accessories are best to take it to the next level? As I look back on 20 years of being an Apple webmaster and marketer, here's some recommended Mac compatible computer hardware that proved essential in my journey:

A Fast Mac Backup Drive

SuperSonic Rage Flash Drive

Full SSD Read/Write Speeds

Backing up your Mac is critical for a webmaster's site code, HTML, social account passwords, URL lists, images and whatever else would be devastating to lose. For those with modest storage needs, an ultra-fast USB3 flash drive may be all you need to back that Mac!

A Better Mac Webcam With Tripod Mount

Spectacular HD Mac Webcam

Dual Mics, Tripod Camera Mount

Whether it's an iMac desktop or MacBook laptop's built-in iSight, the limited camera angles are nothing but frustrating and sub-optimal. For higher-quality and more flexible video capture sessions, an Apple compatible external webcam will deliver a more polished and professional image. An excellent cam like the Logitech C920 delivers superior images and better color accuracy with the precision placement a tripod can provide for high-quality video marketing content capture and creation.

Decent Desk Lighting

Adjustable 2-Way Desk Lamp

Direct, Bounce, Or Fill Lighting

Serious YouTubers and videographers need to up their game when it comes to webcam lighting at their desks. A desk lamp like this with frosted shades, pivoting lamps and independent switches was one of the best investments I made in improving my video capture frame rates, clarity and color accuracy.

A Quality Headset For Communication And Dictation

Plantronics Micro Headset

Minimalist USB Buds w/Mic

For conducting webinars, Skype calls, or blogging and writing with Apple dictation - Nothing beats a dedicated headset to bypass echo from external speakers and deliver clear speech. For videos, minimalist ear-bud style won't detract like a bulky headset can.

Better Computer Speakers

JLab Stereo Speakers

Spatial USB Audio Playback

Aside from an iMac, no Apple computer really delivers full-range audio reproduction. Nearly any external computer speaker will vastly improve your experience. Especially for website designers and SEO's who keep up watching training videos, webinars and other content on a MacBook, external speakers make sure they're heard loud and clear.

A Cheap All-In-One Printer/Scanner

WiFI Airprint Printer

For OSX and IOS Devices

When buying ink can cost more than a printer does, you might want to simply opt for a new multifunction printer to handle the occasional hard-copy prints and scans any internet-based business requires. An AirPrint compatible wireless AIO can serve your Mac and your IOS devices admirably for under $50!

A Top-Notch Podcasting Microphone

AT 2020+ USB MIcrophone

Mixer Input and Monitor Output

If you're leveraging podcasting or recorded content as part of your internet marketing strategy, a Mac's internal microphone just won't cut it. A standalone desktop USB mic like the Blue Yeti is a top-seller, but other more conventional mic designs give you the flexibility of a studio-style boom mount that can clamp to your desk.

Mobile Marketing iPhone Or iPod Touch

Mobile Social Media Marketing

Website & Content Promotion To Go!

So many daily internet marketing and social media tasks can be done anytime, anywhere on an Apple mobile device. It doesn't have to be an iPhone. I save myself a thousand dollars in cell-phone costs a year by using an iPod Touch, Skype for IOS, and readily available free Wi-Fi networks instead when I'm out and about. It's a great Social Media Management device for sharing Vine or Periscope vids, Twitter or Instagram pics, and status updates in just a few taps.