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Online Article Rephrasing Tool - Articoolo
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What Is Article Paraphrasing?

The formal dictionary definition of paraphrasing is as follows: A restatement of a passage of text using other words or expressions, often done to clarify or simplify a text's meaning. Paraphrasing can be done on singular sentences - or more often paragraphs. Sometimes long textual content is rephrased or paraphrased to shorten and summarize it's essence in far fewer words for clarity. Other times it's rewriting content and rephrasing it to add clarification to otherwise deep, complex or convoluted writing styles.

A Computer Rephrase Generator

Articoolo's online article paraphraser and rephrase generator can be found under the SERVICES menu > SUMMARAIZE ARTICLE option. You have the choice of pasting up to 1500 words of textual content to be summarized into the entry box or by pointing to existing content on the web by entering the website page's URL. Using a slider in the online summarizer dialog, you can then set your desired number of summarized sentences to be included in the aritcle's final output. It's default is set to 15 but you can set up to 20 for the rephrasing generator to output. You can then copy and paste the summary generator created text into a new or an existing article you're working on.