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Best Article Spinner For Mac OS Gets Even Better

Best Article Spinner For Mac Marketers
The best spinner for Mac users is getting even better with the recently announced launch of SpinRewriter version 9. The Spin Rewriter 9 update in October will be a free upgrade for any existing users, so you needn't wait to take advantage of their extremely popular and sophisticated online article rewriting app.

New features of SpinRewriter 9

As the new version announcement hit, speculation of what improvements to Spin Rewriter9 are likely. In the launch announcement the only concrete clue is "...a special ARTICLE GENERATING ALGORITHM to Spin Rewriter 9.0. This algorithm makes sure that the generated articles are even more unique, and even more readable."

IMHO: If SpinRewriter could integrate Articoolo's instant article generator API and Natural Language Generation algos into their spinner, it'd be mind-blowing. Note Articoolo has a WordPress plug-in, perhaps if SpinRewriter JV partnered with them, they could offer something similar as a Gold package upgrade.

Here's what I'd like to see in the new version upgrade:
• Continued advances in their ENL - Enhanced Natural Language rewrite algos
• A clean-up of their Acronym Capitalization database (Too many things like osx, seo, pc, hdtv or fyi might be lower-case)
• A clean-up of their Synonym database to eliminate too many terms in ALL CAPS
• An expanded or improved article database for Gold members to deliver more relevant content
• Direct integration with their SpinDistribute article syndicator for quick distribution would be awesome
• Better identification of EXACTLY where any {|} bracket errors might be, especially for nested spintax

SpinRewriter Version Key Features

The crew over at SpinRewriter definitely took their spintax generation to the next level in version 6, offering even more awesome features. Featuring a thoroughly revised text generating algorithm, Spin Rewriter insures that only the most unique content is generated: No CopyScape issues, with minimal duplicate content risks. At it's most conservative substitution settings, it generates imminently readable content that one won't be ashamed to publish on your Tier-1 and Money sites. One can give it a free test drive for 5 full days with no strings attached.

The most notable new features that were added to the current SpinRewriter version 6:

• A major leap forward for meaning-extraction and synonym-identification
• An even greater advance in sentence structure and phrase reorganization
• CopyScape Integration (Separate subscription needed)
• A SpinRewriter Gold up-sell with daily prewritten article delivery
• A redesigned UX and improved user experience with better help screens
• They added an easy, seamless Posting To WordPress function
• Native Android and iOS text spinning apps for spintax on-the-go
• A new option to configure limited Virtual Assistant outsourcer access

SpinRewriter Key Benefits

Preceding Spin Rewriter releases delivered a lot of valuable features that any marketer will be delighted to leverage that are still available and enhanced in the subsequent Spin Rewriter updates:

• Intelligent rewriting of sentence structure
• Ability to generate an additional summary paragraph automatically
• YouTube video and photo retrieval and embedding
• Instant PLR content access from the BigContent PLR article repository
• Optional paragraph reordering
• Bulleted item reordering

All told, each annual update to SpinRewriter's online content rewriter will make Version 9 the best Mac compatible online article spinner available. Period.