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SocialAdr BEST Practices And SEO Submission Tips

SEO Tips For SocialAdr Social Bookmarking
Here are some SocialAdr 'best-practices' and submission tips to get the most SEO and direct website traffic benefits from their crowdsourced spun social sharing and bookmarking service.

SocialAdr leverages Top-Tier web properties AND crowdsources Other Users Social Accounts to deliver maximum value IF you use it wisely.

Quality AND Quantity Links

SocialAdr's social sharing and boookmarking tool currently supports around a dozen and a half high domain authority sites. But it doesn't choose the sites randomly. It always submits to properties in the same sequence; currently starting with Pocket and ending with If you want your content to get potentially posted to ALL of the current site list, make sure you do a minimum submission of AT LEAST 18 credits.

SocialAdr's Current Social Site List (In order of posting sequence) = Pocket, Flipboard, Papaly, Instapaper, Ello, YouMob, Bitly, APsense, WeHeartIt, SiteJot, Plurk, TheTopLink, StumbleUpon, Diigo,,,

The quality of these posting sites is obvious. These are High DA/PR properties - No crappy, penalized or de-indexed Pligg and Scuttle junk bookmarking sites are used.

Keep in mind not all SocialAdr users sharing your content will be registered and have their accounts linked-up at ALL the sites either. The best submissions are from other user's accounts that go out to the most sites possible in one swoop. Some of SocialAdr's free users sharing your links and content may only be registered at a few of the sites available. Many have fully configured accounts. Keep in mind they're trying to earn credits for their own social shares -- so they're highly motivated to have as many sites active and linked-up as possible.

Pause And Resume Submissions

Over the years I've learned SocialAdr is best done with limited, controlled batches of submissions. Set your default to SLOW drip. Promote a new blog post with, say, 25 credits -- then wait a week or two once it's ranking to boost it further. You don't need to be heavy-handed. Slow and steady wins the content ranking race, and it is the most efficient use of your monthly SocialAdr credits.

Boost Your Affiliate Earnings

Many social/bookmarking sites DON'T like affiliate links. They may block, say, Amazon or Clickbank domain links completely and refuse the submission. Others will STRIP referral /?ID=xxx's off the end and just post the root domain URL eliminating any earnings potential. But if you have aff links that are HARD-CODED with no '/?=' like: '' they will get posted on all sites. When I need a quick earnings boost I will blast hard-coded aff links out in 100 credit batches at a time set to Normal distribution speed. Ka-ching! $$$

Spin It To Win It

SocialAdr can be imminently useful (though a bit pricey) for anchor-text diversification. If your backlink profile is too money-keyword heavy, you can spin naked-URL variants or generic anchors in the submissions TITLE field to balance things out.

It goes without saying: Always opt to SPIN YOUR TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS. You need and want a very natural and random backlink profile with diverse anchor text. You also want to randomly target underserved, low-competition long-tail keywords in your Title in particular. Spinning is the easiest way to achieve that automatically.

Always PREVIEW your post. Nothing's worse than sending out submissions with visible Spintax Bracket Errors!!! Preview, preview, preview before hitting that Save button! To ease the pain of spinning, SocialAdr has partnered with and integrated SpinRewriter's spintax tool to spin variations for you with a click of the 'Generate Spintax' button - right next to Preview.

Boost Your Brand And Social Authority

It's not just for money site URL's: Another SocialAdr best practice can be to boost the Page Authority of select Account Profiles, YouTube video URL's, or Web 2.0 properties like, Twitter, Tumblr or any other Tier-1 site that links back to your Social Accounts or Money Sites.

Quick Link Indexing Tool

Lastly, If you only have a few websites, SocialAdr is an excellent tool to get new posts and pages crawled by the search engines FAST. Some webmaster's wonder how to get Google and Bing to crawl their new content quickly. A single SocialAdr submission is all you need. Whether your content will RANK well is up to the search engines. However, if you have a lot of sites and Tier-1 Web 2.0 and PBN blogs and links you're trying to boost, a subscription to a good Link Indexing Service like BacklinksIndexer is usually a more cost-effective route.

Honest Review Of Articoolo Automatic Article Writing App

In this review of Articoolo automatic article writer, we'll take a look at the benefits and results of using cutting-edge, computer-based Natural Language Generation - NLG and Artificial Intelligence - AI in it's computer generated content creation algos. It can help you automatically generate a workable article or blog post from a single seed key-phrase in under 2 mintues.

If you've ever struggled with article writing for internet or affiliate marketing needs, Articoolo can quickly produce a programmatically generated working draft to kickstart your content creation process.

Review of Articoolo - Auto Article Writing App

A quick review of Articoolo's 5-step process to automatically create an article is as follows:
1. Enter a single high-level key-phrase
2. Alternately select an Optional Topic it may present
3. Select the desired number of words (Tip: Always set it to 500 max)
4. Optionally change default setting of Readability to Uniqueness
5. Click 'Create' button

Wait 1 or 2 minutes while Articoolo reviews your topical intent and executes the process. Natural Language Generation typically involves the following steps:
1. Content Determination: Deciding what info to mention in the document.
2. Document Structuring: The organization of the conveyed information.
3. Aggregation: Merging of similar phrases or sentences to improve naturalness and readability.
4. Lexical Choice: Assigning words to the core concepts.
5. Referring Expression Generation: i.e. A 'MacBook' refers to an equivalent 'Apple laptop'.
6. Realization: The nitty-gritty of assembling the document then performing syntax, grammar and spell checks.

Articoolo Review : Content Preview Mode
When complete, a blurred article preview will show you a few snippets or sentences of the document in clear, readable form. Generally, it displays one in each paragraph to give you some sense of the article's style and content.

It will save this draft and you can then optionally buy the full, plain text article - or ignore it and try generating a completely new one based on the same key phrase or perhaps with slight modifications.

Buying an article somewhat 'blindly' without being able to fully review it is a bit frustrating. But so is outsourcing an article, sometimes waiting days for completion, and (unless you're using a known writer) never really knowing what the end result will be until after it's delivered.

In my test article, here's what Articoolo auto-generated as the opening paragraph on the topic 'Article Writing SEO':

"Many people could be wondering what a Search engine optimization writing is. To a large amount of people, writing is just placing words in logical, orderly way to convey a note or set of thoughts. Granted, that's give or take what article writing is about. Not all posts are written with the awareness of search engines. SEO writing so is the procedure for writing copy or an article with the search engines in head. It is a procedure for tuning a bit of writing you might say that the internet search engine will love and enjoy. In order to write an efficient SEO writing, some rules and codes should be applied."

Not bad. Not perfect. With a proofread and few tweaks to the phrasing it could be ready to publish within minutes.

In 9 out of 10 articles I've auto-generated, I personally felt: 'Okay, I can work with this - and make it even better in no time!' Where it seems weakest is in it's paragraphs: Most articles or blog posts typically have a highly structured Introduction, Main Content Sections, and then an Ending Summary format. Paragraphs should implicitly begin with a Topic Sentence, which the other sentences support.

It's not clear that Articoolo can replicate this high-level document organization well, athough in the above example, the 1st paragraph is a reasonable Introduction opening. You're often left to re-arrange what it writes, and likely supplement it to make it a better read from beginning to end.

The cost of an Articoolo generated article is typically $1 or $2 depending on whether you opt to purchase a fixed number of article credits or a monthly subscription. Honestly, I think the credit system and pricing should be based on the actual number of words delivered. When I've specified the 500 word maximum, the resulting articles are often only 300-400 words in length regardless. Always opt for the 500 word setting and you'll typically get 4 instead of 3 paragraphs of workable content.

My Bottom-Line Take In This Articoolo Review:
- AS-IS, the automatic content Articoolo creates is immediately usable for Tier-2 PBN link building.
- With minor rewrites and fixes, it generates readable, thematic Tier-1 content for Web 2.0's and PBN's.
- For money sites or Article Directory Submission, re-arranging into better paragraphs, further editing and optimization is needed.
- It's imminently useful for increasing the word-count of blog posts and articles for better LSI rankings
- You'll save a TON of time regardless

The Bigger Picture - Computer Generated Content
The concept of automated Computer Generated Content (CGC) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) has been in development in corporate and university labs for years. Unlike content scraping and mash-up tools some SEO's use - Articoolo is delivering consumers a next-generation automatically generated content tool. It can take some of the tedium out of writing original content from scratch without the risks of plagiarism from stolen snippets and then using intelligent article spinning to try to pass CopyScape. Articoolo's core technology isn't going to go away, NLG is only going to get better and CGC will be used more widely to eliminate the tedium and cost of human writers.

With a 10-article base package for $19 USD, you can explore and review Articoolo's auto content generation app abilities affordably. As a cloud-based SaaS program, Mac users can access it with Safari, Firefox Mac or Chrome browsers, on either OSX or iOS and have instant article creation at their fingertips anytime, anywhere, any Apple device.

How To Boost Amazon Affiliate Earnings Quick : MMO Guerilla Marketing

Boost Affiliate Income Quickly
Pondering ways to boost your Amazon Affiliate earnings and make extra money online as fast as possible? Here's some immediately actionable tips to drive more traffic through your - and other's Social Media accounts to get more Amazon visitors, affiliate cookies set, and increased daily earnings.

Many of us run multiple niche affiliate websites and get the lion's share of base daily traffic from organic search visits. But there are a number of other ways to immediately boost your affiliate income potential by leveraging social media properties with an aggressive and focused approach, done smart.

Social Sharing Using Amazon's Site Stripe

Amazon provides affiliates a very easy way to directly share to Twitter or FaceBook from any product page. Just make sure you're logged into the proper accounts first. This presumes you already have (as you should) well-established accounts with a decent following of real, targeted users that you've cultivated over time. If you're not using Site Stripe to share a product, or three, or more each and every day, you're missing out. Even if you do it manually, you should make using it part of your daily marketing tasks.

Choose Optimal High-Converting Products

We all have preferred affiliate products we like to promote. But make a point of browsing Amazon's BEST-SELLER lists in your category to find the Top-100 selling products that are most likely to - and have been proven to convert the best. 'Sell more of what sells!'

Attach Images For Better Traction

Posts with images draw more attention and get more clicks, simple as that. Include a clear, colorful product photo whenever possible to make your aff link more appealing.

Posting Amazon Links To Twitter and FaceBook

Always MODIFY the pre-written text Amazon provides and rewrite it with a far more compelling Call To Action to explore or buy the product you're featuring. Keep the shortlink towards the front of the post. Add two appropriate #hashtags at the very end of each to help them get deeper search traction: Use short and popular tags like; #tech #health #fashion. Many Twitter users use automation to Like and even better, Retweet content with specific trigger hashtags or keywords! Always use hashtags.

Get Others To Share Your Affiliate Links

This is where you get real leverage. By using social sharing sites like You Like Hits, Add Me Fast or Link Collider, you can get re-shares or re-tweets of your monetized links. I've found re-tweets in particular to really help amplify and expand my original tweet's visibility exponentially. FaceBook, not so much.

Schedule A Sequence Of Monetized Posts

To really make a dent in income boosting, you must strive to post beyond just FaceBook and Twitter, and AUTOMATE the publishing of monetized updates on social media daily.

The best tool for automating Twitter posts is SocialJukeBox (formerly called TweetJukeBox) because of it's ability to INFINITELY LOOP and attach an image of your choosing. Even a limited free account can post a handful of monetized Tweets each day for you in perpetuity.

Broaden Your Reach To Other Social Platforms

I can recommend a few tools to broaden your posting reach. Do be aware; some platforms don't allow affiliate links, some social bookmarking sites might strip out referral id's, or block domains like Amazon, ClickBank or JVZoo entirely.

Try SocialAdr for social shares and bookmarks from other people's accounts across a dozen and a half of the top tier bookmarking and sharing sites.

Leverage BufferApp to reach and automate FB and Twitter - They support posting to LinkedIn and Google+ too but tread lightly or infrequently, and mix in other content.

An OnlyWire account can send your affiliate links out to many, many more of your social sites and blogs as well. Just be aware posting monetized links on certain platforms can get you a warning or your account suspended, so you have to choose which sites you post to carefully. Using Sets can help post via OnlyWire to specific properties - and not all of them.) Google+, and Tumblr for example may tolerate occasional monetized links, but a steady stream of them might cause trouble.

Social Stacking SEO For Brand Building And Authority Links

Social Profile Stacking SEO
Social Stacking for SEO purposes is perhaps one of the most underused strategies to really build both your brand and link authority. As you can see in this post's header graphic, a social profile can have it's own Page Authority distinct from the Domain Authority of the site it sits on. That profile can be boosted with other links to strengthen it even further. Note how it only took a handful of links to push my profile from PA0 to PA48.

Social Stacking SEO tactics are about fully leveraging the power of the links on high Domain Authority Profile Pages you already have or can build around the internet. Particularly valuable are one's that integrate easy connection to multiple Social Media accounts, and let you add some unique content and other profile links of your own. We've all registered at sites that let us do some of that, but here are a few that are exceptionally powerful when leveraged to their fullest:
Very simple and straightforward, Flavors offers an easy to setup Brand page with up to 5 links for free within minutes. Sure you could predictably link to your money site, Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, and LinkedIn or Pinterest. But what if you linked to Klout,, Know'Em, or some other profiles instead?

1. Palette of 20 Social sites to choose from with a button click
2. Optional RSS feed
3. Logo / Avatar and Bio section
Building out a profile on is great place to start. Here's some features of note:

1. RSS Feed support that displays your 3 Latest Posts on your profile page.
2. Social Account Buttons linking to your profile on some of the most popular social sites.
3. An Add Your Own links section providing opportunities to deep-link and control anchor text to anywhere you choose.
4. Find, Like and Engage with other About Me users for boosting profile traffic.
You can quickly build-out a responsive, multi-section summary page at Branded.Me in minutes with a rich, mobile-friendly template designed to highlight your skills, interests, projects, photos and more.

1.The Contact section offers easy to link buttons to other popular social sites.
2. The 'Projects' section makes it easy to create featured anchored links to 3 other Web 2.0 properties, your guest posts, or money sites.
3. Other page sections for free-form content entry.
Registering and locking-in social accounts for your Brand / Name should be done for more than just backlinks. It's also critical for Brand Protection and Reputation Management by claiming and establishing a large and consistent presence you can directly control. Sites like Know'Em help you do that. But in addition, your profile page there is very, very powerful.

Social Stacking Benefits Of Know'Em
1. You can add an anchored link to your money site.
2. Two of your most recent blog entries get featured links from your RSS feed.
3. A separate RSS feed linking to ALL your claimed profile URLS can also be submitted to feed directories.
4. Ability to directly download all your claimed profile URL's for further link building efforts.
A modest little Q&A answers site, TipDrop is a Social Stacking SEO powerhouse thanks to the TEN Do-Follow link boxes available on your profile page. Those 10 links can be carefully crafted to send link-juice to a diverse range of properties and profiles. Tip: Participating in a few answers or asking questions help fill out the profile page with content from your recent activity on the site.

1. Money Sites.
2. Web 2.0 Blogs / Posts.
3. Other Social Account Profiles.
4. Direct Affiliate Links!

Random Link Chaos - Stacking Done Well

Random Link ChaosThis chart illustrates the net effect of Social Stacking SEO methods. It creates a very random and chaotic link graph of high-authority, yet very diverse backlinks. Contrast this with the footprint of spokes of a typical link-wheel or the ascending layers of a tiered link-pyramid.

Building Links To Increase Profile Page Authority

Many people might build out some of these pages and seldom give them another thought. But what if you did even a bit of additional backlink building to these Profile properties? You'd help create and increase PAGE AUTHORITY to help your links on them become even more valuable.

The most powerful might be an OnlyWire submission that would include blog post links in addition to shares and bookmarking. Another step could be some social shares and bookmarks to send some keyword-relevant titles leveraging other peoples Web 2.0 accounts. The simplest way might just be running your social profile URLS through a Backlink Boosting Tool to get the page crawled and powered-up.

Above were just a few examples of some notable websites ideal for high-value social SEO stacking strategies - and recommended link building tools to supercharge them. If there's other Brand / Profile sites you're aware of that offer a lot of link types and opportunities - Kick off a direct message to MacSEOTips on Twitter and I'll explore it for inclusion in this evergreen blog post.

Must-Have Apple Gadgets For Mac Internet Marketing Success

apple-hardwareArmed with just a Mac and a high-speed internet connection you can put your mark on the world wide web and experience a fair degree of affiliate or internet marketing success. But what Apple gadgets and accessories are best to take it to the next level? As I look back on 20 years of being an Apple webmaster and marketer, here's some recommended Mac compatible computer hardware that proved essential in my journey:

A Fast Mac Backup Drive

SuperSonic Rage Flash Drive

Full SSD Read/Write Speeds

Backing up your Mac is critical for a webmaster's site code, HTML, social account passwords, URL lists, images and whatever else would be devastating to lose. For those with modest storage needs, an ultra-fast USB3 flash drive may be all you need to back that Mac!

A Better Mac Webcam With Tripod Mount

Spectacular HD Mac Webcam

Dual Mics, Tripod Camera Mount

Whether it's an iMac desktop or MacBook laptop's built-in iSight, the limited camera angles are nothing but frustrating and sub-optimal. For higher-quality and more flexible video capture sessions, an Apple compatible external webcam will deliver a more polished and professional image. An excellent cam like the Logitech C920 delivers superior images and better color accuracy with the precision placement a tripod can provide for high-quality video marketing content capture and creation.

Decent Desk Lighting

Adjustable 2-Way Desk Lamp

Direct, Bounce, Or Fill Lighting

Serious YouTubers and videographers need to up their game when it comes to webcam lighting at their desks. A desk lamp like this with frosted shades, pivoting lamps and independent switches was one of the best investments I made in improving my video capture frame rates, clarity and color accuracy.

A Quality Headset For Communication And Dictation

Plantronics Micro Headset

Minimalist USB Buds w/Mic

For conducting webinars, Skype calls, or blogging and writing with Apple dictation - Nothing beats a dedicated headset to bypass echo from external speakers and deliver clear speech. For videos, minimalist ear-bud style won't detract like a bulky headset can.

Better Computer Speakers

JLab Stereo Speakers

Spatial USB Audio Playback

Aside from an iMac, no Apple computer really delivers full-range audio reproduction. Nearly any external computer speaker will vastly improve your experience. Especially for website designers and SEO's who keep up watching training videos, webinars and other content on a MacBook, external speakers make sure they're heard loud and clear.

A Cheap All-In-One Printer/Scanner

WiFI Airprint Printer

For OSX and IOS Devices

When buying ink can cost more than a printer does, you might want to simply opt for a new multifunction printer to handle the occasional hard-copy prints and scans any internet-based business requires. An AirPrint compatible wireless AIO can serve your Mac and your IOS devices admirably for under $50!

A Top-Notch Podcasting Microphone

AT 2020+ USB MIcrophone

Mixer Input and Monitor Output

If you're leveraging podcasting or recorded content as part of your internet marketing strategy, a Mac's internal microphone just won't cut it. A standalone desktop USB mic like the Blue Yeti is a top-seller, but other more conventional mic designs give you the flexibility of a studio-style boom mount that can clamp to your desk.

Mobile Marketing iPhone Or iPod Touch

Mobile Social Media Marketing

Website & Content Promotion To Go!

So many daily internet marketing and social media tasks can be done anytime, anywhere on an Apple mobile device. It doesn't have to be an iPhone. I save myself a thousand dollars in cell-phone costs a year by using an iPod Touch, Skype for IOS, and readily available free Wi-Fi networks instead when I'm out and about. It's a great Social Media Management device for sharing Vine or Periscope vids, Twitter or Instagram pics, and status updates in just a few taps.

Top Free Press Release Sites For Mac PR Marketing In 2016

Top Free Press Release Websites
Apple webmasters pondering a free press release marketing strategy might want to explore the top PR sites shown in the graphic posted here. Several hours of gathering, merging, cleaning, analyzing and sorting lists of top news release distribution websites led to some clear indications of which high authority free press release sites rank for the most keywords. It's where your free PR syndication efforts will best be spent in the year ahead.

Top-10 Free PR Sites

Press Release Sites Than Rank Well

Although the now obsolete Google PageRank as well as MOZ DA/PA domain authority rankings provide some insight, it's really SEMRush that tells you how many RANKING KEYWORDS a given press site currently has in the top-100 of Google SERPS. The keyword numbers fall off rapidly as you move down the list, but don't be misled. On some of the smaller PR sites your release isn't competing with nearly as many other releases and still benefit from their Domain Authority. You may also stay on their lists of Newest releases, or the main page of your Category longer for decent visibility.

A Mac News Release Marketing Strategy

Elsewhere I've blogged about Press Release Marketing Strategies a Mac owner can pursue on a limited budget. For actual PR syndication, a subscription to Live PR Submitter might be good for those who actively issue regular releases. RankCrew offers SPUN PR packages that can be very useful in a 2nd-stage strategy to use spintax to target long-tail keyword variants in your titles as it's published to each free PR site. Lastly, Fiverr PR gigs which leverage a seller's *paid* accounts at sites like PRBuzz, ReleaseWire, MyPRGenie can get your news release on powerful PR sites at a very low cost. Remains A Free PR Powerhouse

Perhaps above all, the numbers in the chart are clear: Setting up a free Press Room at PRLog should be your highest priority. Much like building out a centerpiece EzineArticles account for your Mac article marketing efforts, a PRLog press room should sit at the top of your to-do list as the apex of your press release marketing strategy. It should be noted the most powerful free PR sites all offer paid news syndication as well to finance their operations. Paid press releases also tend to have additional SEO and link building power options.

DIY Free PR Distribution Benefits

One of the distinct advantages of pursuing a free press release publishing tactic is the ability to MIX IT UP as you publish from site to site. Good long-tail keyword research lets you mix up the Titles as you publish to rank for terms you might not otherwise nail with a single blast. Even if you paid $600 for a PRWeb premium distribution - one wrong choice in the Title keywords could stymie your success if you targeted a too-competitive keyword to rank for! For the average Mac internet or affiliate marketer, targeting varied long-tail Title alternates as you publish your free release in stages might help get you seen for underserved terms a single (but Duplicate Content filtered) blast might not.

Best HD Webcams For YouTube Vlogging - Google Hangouts

Mac Web Camera IconSuccessful video marketing on a Mac means outputting high-quality video files. If you're shopping for the best webcam for YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or Google Hangout vlogging, here's a short list of three OSX compatible web cameras most worthy of consideration.

Logitech's Mac compatible C920 is the sweet-spot of absolute clarity, clean audio, and responsive autofocus at a good price. A camera tripod mount assures the option of stability and precise positioning. With a conventional 78 degree field of view it's optimal for direct 1-person talking head videos without including too much surrounding background.

Logitech's OSX compatible C930e is currently their top-of-the-line HD USB webcam with tripod mount -- although it might not be best for solo video bloggers. It has a wider, 90 degree Field-Of-View than most personal webcams and may be best suited for 2 or 3 person teams where more than one person needs to fit on-camera during your hangout or capture sessions.

For the bargain hunter, Logitech's OSX compatible C615 delivers amazing performance for 50 bucks or less. It's portable, fold-up design might be good for Mac video bloggers on the go. It too has a camera mounting hole for tripods and an optical quality glass lens for HD capture that's head and shoulders above any Apple built-in iSight camera.

All the above support up to 1080p HD resolution, have optical quality glass lens, and auto-focus. They also include either a very high-quality single microphone (C615) or dual microphone elements (920c / 930e) that are distinctly better than the tiny, tiny microphone element built into Apple MacBooks or iMacs. So, you can get better audio quality as well as superior video capture in one purchase. More serious YouTubers and Podcasters might want to opt for a separate USB condenser mic for even better audio fidelity.

Best-Ranking High-Authority SEO Article Directories For 2016

List Of Best Article DirectoriesLooking for the best list of article directory sites worth submitting to in 2016 and beyond? Mac article marketers should look closely at the graphic you see here. Hours of merging and cleaning outdated lists of '100 Best Article Directories' published elsewhere, removing duplicates, verifying still active sites, sorting by PageRank / DA / PA / Moz authority, etc. In particular, checking for the number of ranking keywords at SEMRush ultimately revealed who the Top Dogs are: Which directories still rank the best for SEO, and where your article marketer energies are best spent in the new year.

Article Directories That Still Rank High In Google

So what happened to hundreds and hundreds of other directories? Google put the screws to many article directory sites back in 2012 in the Penguin 1.0 era. A lot of article sites had their traffic decimated. Many owners let the domain expire or put it up for sale. Some keep the site intact, but aren't accepting any new articles. Other's limp along.

However, a dozen in particular still absolutely thrive and rank for 1000's of keywords in Google's Top-100 search positions. Many are familiar sites to Mac article publishers that have withstood the test of time, a few are surprises.

This hit-list is by no means definitive. For example; Some directories Google now hates may still yield high-ranking articles in Bing and Yahoo. But it's also clear to Apple internet marketers - If you're going to pursue a Mac article submission strategy, you now know the 12 best directories to have accounts at - and where to focus your energies.

Article Marketing is far from dead. Bulk submissions to de-indexed and low-ranking directories is. Targeting article links with Brand, naked URL and your Social media account links is smart. Hammering your top-money keywords in your Author Resource box anchor text isn't wise. General info articles won't cut the ranks. Targeting long-tail keywords and interests that are underserved in your articles is how to get seen.

Armed with this list of high domain authority article sites, I'm going to double-down on my article marketing efforts in 2016.

Article Submission Software For Mac Content Marketing

Article Submitter Software Mac : ASHelperIs there any known article submission software for Mac OSX? Well there is, or was, or sorta is. An article directory submitter program called ASHelper was written years ago using Adobe Air cross-platform technology and is still available for download.

Article Submission Helper - ASHelper - is sadly no longer officially supported. It comes pre-loaded with over 100 article directories and a way to semi-automate registering at each, then submit to them from pre-populated account log-in and article content fields. The problem is the vast majority of the directories are no longer in existence. Perhaps more importantly, only 10 or so of the highest PageRank and Domain Authority directories which still rank for a lot of keywords are even worth submitting to these days.

That said, ASHelper can still be a useful Mac article submitter tool because it supports spintax decoding and data fields to enter your Title, Summary, Article Body, and a spun Author Resource box. It includes a built-in web browser to navigate to each directory and log in. By pre-loading a spun article, then using Copy & Paste -- You can spin a variant, copy and paste the content to the proper fields at each site, complete your article submit, then go to another directory and spin again. If you're willing to slog from one article directory to another - it CAN help you do manual submissions yourself a little easier - and post more unique articles to each site. You can download the app here.

DIY Mac Article Directory Submission vs SEO Outsourcing
The benefit of doing it yourself is that you post to YOUR OWN author accounts and benefit from centralized control over all your articles at each site. There's a lot of value to having a well-maintained Author Account at several of the top directories, to have a complete profile filled out, have a handful of articles published at each.

Manual DIY submission is slow and tedious. Writing a high-caliber article, manual spinning of flawless quality, preparing varied Article Summaries and Author Box content and anchor link URL variations is a big task. Then slogging from directory to directory, spinning, copy and pasting then submitting is ultimately an arduous endeavor no matter how you slice it.

Spintax Article SubmissionAs an alternative, outsourcing a fully spun article submission with RankCrew might be a more efficient method. For $8-$10 you can get a 30 or 50 article submission package to their well-maintained list of ranking and active article directories. Particularly with spun titles, the spintax assures your articles target long-tail keyword variants as they're published and more of your articles are likely to avoid duplicate content filtering.

Fiverr Article Submit GigsA third option might be to outsource it on Fiverr. There you'll generally find gigs that will submit an article to their best choice of 10-15 directories for $5. They may - or may not - support spintax articles. The best gigs give you the option to create accounts you specify to let you control the username and log-in password for them. But typically, when you outsource article submission, it's usually done under THEIR registered accounts, and with someone else's pen-name. The article and Author Resource Box will still be yours, but you won't be able to log in, edit, or manage any published articles.

High DA / PA - PageRank Article Directories

The higher the Domain Authority of the directory, the more likely your articles are to rank on the first few pages of the major search engines. Of course the primary keywords in your title and content are subject to the ranking competitiveness of the topic. So longtail keyword research is essential when crafting your article's topic, content and title.

In another post I present a short-list of CURRENT article directory recommendations that still rank well in Google and Bing and are best to target your publishing efforts on in the year ahead. Always publish to #1 EzineArticles first as the apex of your Mac content marketing strategy -- Then publish spun variants at the others after Ezine approval.

SEO SaaS Cloud Apps For Mac : Internet Marketing Software

SaaS SEO Cloud Computing AppsFor those of you unfamiliar with the concept of SaaS cloud apps for Mac SEO marketing tasks, I'll clue you in how SaaS can help your website promotion and content creation efforts. SaaS is a different way of running programs from what you're used to. SaaS an acronym for Software as a Service. It's a modern way of accessing and running sophisticated applications completely over the Internet. The benefit Mac SEO SaaS applications bring to Apple website owners and internet marketers is game-changing. Advanced SEO tools can run in your OSX web browser and are platform-independent.

Platform-neutral cloud apps erase much of the disparity Mac web masters have historically faced wanting to use certain marketing and link building programs that were written for Windows-ONLY. Running Microsoft Windows using Parallels, VMWare Fusion, or Apple's BootCamp on a Mac has been an alternative for some users. However, the added disk space requirements, installation and maintenance overhead, and the stiff $100-200+ cost of a valid Windows OS license has been unfeasible for many Apple SEO's.

Instead of having to install, update and maintain software on your Mac, with SaaS cloud internet marketing tools you just access the app via the internet with your preferred Apple-friendly browser like Safari, Chrome or Mac Firefox. A reasonably fast internet connection helps. SaaS applications generally have no stringent user hardware requirements. The applications themselves can be quite complex and powerful, rivaling the features of standalone apps.

Some Examples of Mac Compatible SaaS SEO Software:

Link Building SaaS SEO Apps:
FCS Networker : Web 2.0 blog posting and social sharing
RankWyz : Social sharing and Web 2.0 blog posts

Social Sharing And Bookmarking SaaS Apps:
Social Adr - For social shares and bookmarks to 20+ sites
OnlyWire - For Web 2.0 blog posting, social shares and bookmarking to 35+ websites
Buffer App - For posting social shares to FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest
SyndWire - Spun content sharing to 30+ social and blog platforms

Content And Article Spinner SaaS Apps:
Spin Rewriter - Online Article Spinner
The Content Professor : Article spinning and content mashup

Web And Infographic Design SaaS Apps:

Video Creation and Editing Apps

The above list of Mac cloud computing solutions clearly aren't just limited to SEO, backlink building, social posting and internet marketing apps. Indeed we're seeing companies like Adobe offer cloud-based image editing and publishing solutions. There are cloud versions of Microsoft Office and many other conventional productivity applications that don't necessarily need to run directly on Apple's OSX or iOS to be accessed.

All SaaS applications and users share a single, code base and a common infrastructure which is centrally maintained. SaaS helps eliminate all the costs associated with maintaining multiple platforms and OS versions of runtime code. SaaS applications are sometimes referred to on-demand software, browser-based software, or cloud hosted software. Regardless of the nomenclature, SaaS applications run off the SaaS provider’s web servers. They manage all aspects of access to the app, including availability, security, updates and performance.

The downside for Apple web masters is they usually operate on a monthly or annual subscription basis. When you stop paying, you lose access to the software completely. Some offer different levels of subscription fees depending on how heavily or infrequently you're likely to use their server resources. Another downside is UX - User Interface inconsistencies. With a native Mac SEO app, the windows, buttons, menus and controls all behave consistently and make software easier to use. With SaaS programs you'll find usable but quirky interfaces and not as intuitive icons that can make the app a bit harder to use.