Mac Press Release Marketing

Using Your Mac To Maximize The SEO Benefits Of Press Release Syndication

There aren't any Mac Press Release software submission apps that run directly on OSX. So, Apple webmasters and marketers should look to browser-based PR submission services and outsourcing distribution instead. The ability of releases to rank high in organic search and drive quick, direct traffic is too powerful for a Mac marketer to ignore. PR marketing on a Mac delivers rapid ROI to your traffic generation efforts.

Off-Page Press Release SEO Strategies For Maximum SEO Link Juice

Submit Your Press Release In Stages:

Once you have a Properly Written Press Release, leverage the power of this highly effective PR distribution strategy done in stages: Your Own Site > Paid PR Syndication > Free PR Site Posting > Backlink Building.

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1. Publish The Release On Your Own Website

Many advocate you set up a static 'Press' page or blog on your website to feature your own releases. Depending on your site's Authority and Rank, they may or may not outrank other versions that will get published elsewhere. The best way to OWN your original content and rank for it is to publish it on your own site FIRST. Tweet about it, share it on FaceBook or LinkedIn immediately to get it crawled and indexed as the original source. You may wish to modify it slightly, using it as an opportunity to take advantage of internal-linking strategies to other areas/pages of your website, such as linking your name in the release to your 'About Me' or 'Contact' page.

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2. Use Paid Syndication For Broad Publishing Reach

Syndication implies broad distribution of your press release to hundreds of news sites - and sometimes, directly to journalists in your industry niche. The most affordable way for Apple computer users to get a PR syndicated is using a low-cost onlne service like the Mac Friendly Live PR Submitter. For $47 a month, you can issue one release each day, day after day, with a net cost of only $1.60/per. You simply enter your press release details using Safari, Chrome or Firefox Mac, and within 24-48 hours your release will be approved and distributed on anywhere from 75 to 200+ sites for you through their PAID PRBuzz syndication account. Download and save the completed URL report to your Macintosh hard drive for use later for bookmarking and link building promotion.

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3. Target Different Titles, URL's and Anchor Texts In The Free PR Site Stage

Here's where even more SEO power is an option. To minimize Duplicate Content FILTERING (it's not a penalty!) Google will often only highly rank your syndicated release from the sites it trusts most, in order of that site's PageRank and Authority. (Of the 100's of sites your PR has been syndicated to - WHICH should it show?) If you're clever, ponder how you could get more visibility from your original press release.

What if you SPUN it into a completely and statistically unique version - and then leveraged some of the highest ranking Free PR sites to increase your chances of it's keyword variant TITLES ranking high in organic search too? For rewritten, spintax coded PR's, try RankCrew's $10 30 High-PR Submission Package which allows SPUN press releases.

This tactic can give you a significant ranking edge at low or no cost. It's an opportunity to 1. Target and rank for different long-tail keywords and: 2. Promote different URL's repurposing the original content more intelligently. To spin your orginal PR, we recommend a subscription to Spin Rewriter Content Spinner service to generate quality spintax variations to distribute elsewhere. You could manually visit some of the top Free PR sites and publish unique, 1-off versions at each, or outsource a basic $5 Fivver PR Gig to automate sending one of your variants to a dozen or so free sites for you. Some Fiverr PR gigs offer a higher, Full Paid Syndication option (to ReleaseWire, PRGenie, or PRBuzz too), but typically charge a $20-40 'Gig Extra' for each release.

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4. Bookmark And Backlink Your Highest Ranking Releases

If you're lucky, the freshness of your press release and it's optimal keyword targeting will get at least one instance of your PR showing up near or on Page 1 of Google SERPS very quickly. One way to keep it there longer is to share that highest ranking release on Social Media and build backlinks to it for good measure. To automate the social sharing, consider using the SocialAdr Automated Bookmarking Service to have OTHER people's accounts randomly share it FOR you. Alternately, just by pasting in a list of your published PR URL's - you could use the Backlinks Indexer Indexing Service to build several dozen various links to each release via bookmarks, RSS feeds, Pinging and Web 2.0 mentions to insure it shows up and stays in the major search engine's indexes.

On-Page PR Optimizations For High-Ranking Releases:

As you write your PR, keep the tips below in mind during content creation. If you need help, this Instant PR Creator web app let's you log in with Safari, Chrome or Mac FireFox and generate a full AP styled and formatted release in 2 or 3 minutes! Just choose one of the 20 common PR templates provided, key in a few specifics about your company / product, and Instant PR Creator fills out and writes the rest - ready to save, email or output in HTML format to publish to your company website. It's a HUGE time saver for those executing a steady PR campaign on a daily or weekly basis.

Press Release Title Optimization

Around 80 characters maximum is right for a PR Title - a bit longer than for Organic Search listings is okay. As with any Title, arrange Brand and Primary Keyword placement prioritized from Left To Right if possible, with the least important words towards the end: "XYZ Corp Sees Flourescent Blue Widget Sales Skyrocket In Developing Countries : An Analysis" - WHO and WHAT should be top two frontmost elements of any press release Title, save the Where When and How for later.

Press Release Keyword Optimization

After identifying the primary keyword to target in the Title using Long Tail Pro Mac or Market Samuari's keyword research module, work 3 close-variants into the release's body. You needn't hammer the primary one over and over, the search engines have made HUGE strides in ascertaining 'aboutness' of any document, there's no need to state and then restate the obvious.

Press Release Link Optimization

Depending on the service you might be allowed only one - or up to 3 links in the PR body. This is an excellent opportunity to go for a Deep Link to an inner-page URL with more specific content tied to what's being talked about in the press release, and not just squander it with yet another link to your home page. Often Free press release sites limit the number of URL's to one, Paid distribution sites are more generous and flexible. Depending on your backlink profile, be wary of over-optimized money-keyword anchor text use since your one release may go out to hundreds of sites. The current trend is to lean towards anchoring Branded or naked URL links which Google prefers.

Press Release Image Optimization

At the very least, embedding (or linking to) your company logo or a product photo for visual appeal and Brand Recognition is smart. Use a photo editing app on your Mac to prepare a pre-optimized image at a maximum size of 300x300, this is preferred by PR sites to keep the loading time quick and file size small.

Press Release Content Style Optimization

The role and nature of the Press Desk is changing. 'Sending faxes out to newswire desks' is becoming a very, very antiquated industry notion. The formatting and stylistic approach a release has NOT changed. It still MUST be presented as URGENT / NEWSY and have a succinct and attention grabbing intro style for prospective Editors in the opening paragraphs. But these days it also can incorporate more general 'Article-Like' feel in a later paragraph for deeper engagement from the general public reading it on the web. Balance a short, To-The-Point PR style upfront, while keeping in mind that releases over 350 words are more likely to rank better and longer with the search engines than short but efficient PR blurbs.

Press Release Social Media Optimization

In the final boilerplate ABOUT paragraph or CONTACT block at the end of the release you might want to skip the obvious http:// linking to your root homepage - and perhaps provide a link to one or two of your Social Media accounts instead. It's an excellent opportunity to, say, grow Twitter Followers, G+, LinkedIn or FaceBook Fans too.

Think about that for a moment when used with SPINTAX PR Distribution: In your CONTACT INFO: section you could have:

{ Twitter : | Google+ : | FaceBook : | LinkedIn : }

At each site it was published on, you'd get a randomized social backlink for readers to follow you from all your major accounts. Smart!

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Plain Text Formatting For PR Content

Last Tip: Although you might use Apple's Notes or Pages apps, or Microsoft Word for Mac to write your release, make sure to save the file as absolute PLAIN TEXT first to insure that any special characters and things like autoformatted hyperlinks, apostrophe's, Curly-Quotes, and others DON'T show up in the published release as garbage characters! Copy as Plain Text before Pasting into the PR submission form to insure that no invisible formatting code is going to screw up the readability of your release when published.

So there you have it. Ways for an Apple Macintosh computer user to leverage the power of Syndicated PR Distribution, optimize for Search Engine Rankings, build diverse, powerful PR backlinks, and grow your business -- all from the comfort of your MacBook laptop or Mac desktop computer.

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