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Market Samurai For Mac Keyword Research

A truly All-In-One SEO app for Mac OSX - one of the most valuable modules of Mac Market Samurai is in it's keyword planning, gathering, and filtering abilites. Of the EIGHT different SEO modules rolled into MarketSamurai, your success hinges on the keyword planning tool the most. Exploring viable niches and the best key words to target should come before even pondering a Domain Name or creating content.

Cross-Platform Keyword Research Software Module

Like several other Mac SEO software programs that run directly on OSX, Market Samuari For Mac OS has (amongst many other features) a keyword research module that like LongTail Pro for Mac, runs on the Adobe AIR platform to run the same app code on either Windows of Mac OSX. It also insures that both PC and Macintosh versions and updates are released in a single package insuring the Mac version isn't different, older, or any less functional that what Windows users use.

Beyond Google Keyword Planner

Although the Market Samurai for Mac keyword module uses your Google Keyword Planner account for it's keyword list and Search Volume retrieval, the full analysis of the data leverages other sources too: Bing for keyword Title and URL competition, MajesticSEO Title, URL, Domain and Anchor competition, AdWords CPC bid info etc. Combined, they provide a pretty good visual chart of your niche's potential.

Market Samuari Mac Notable KW Analysis Features

Keyword FILTERING options in MarketSamurai help you quickly find the highest-traffic but lowest competiton keywords by setting thresholds. For example I filter keywords to Title Competition: SEOTC <100 and URL/Permalink Competition: SEOUC <100 and I can readily see which long-tail keywords are going to be the easiest to rank for.

Keyword PERMUTATIONS is a one-click button that will instantly premutate all possible combinations of a keyword phrase. This is useful because human searchers don't always type the SEQUENCE of words in the order that you might expect. For example: On this page, it turns out that "Mac Market Samuari" in the page's Title was best, but the permalink URL of this page "../market-samurai-mac.html" was also smart to target in the creation of the page. "Samurai Mac Market" was a permutation with no search traffic.

The GENERATE Keywords button in Market Samurai retrieves related terms based on your initial root keyphrase. Although it can produce unexpected results - many that seem rather generic or off the mark may not be. These are often excellent LSI - Latent Semantic Indexing terms that may be too competitive - but can be very useful to generally incorporate into your page's content. These LSI phrases it generates are also perfect for ANCHOR TEXT DILUTION in your backlinking efforts. They can be used to help insure your backlink profile isn't over-optimized to only money key phrases with high commercial intent.

The AdWords AWCPC and SEOV Value data shown beside SOME keywords is useful if you run AdSense on your site and are looking for terms that people paying for Google ads are actively bidding on. So Market Samurai's keyword module also shows the most profitable terms to monetize AdSense revenue around. Do note that terms with AdWords bidding going on tend to be the MOST competitive terms in your niche: They may be lucrative, but getting onto Page 1 of search results is likely to be very difficult for them.

The COPY and EXPORT functions of Samuari's Keyword Module are endlessly vaulable for getting your selected keywords into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or into Apple's TextEdt for easier Search & Replace substitutions you might want to perform manually. I do that alot: Say I'm researching "Mac-something" keywords. I'll use TextEdit to replace 'Mac' with 'Apple', paste the list back into Market Samurai, replace with 'Macintosh' or 'MacBook' and paste again to quickly build a diverse array of Long-Tail Variants to run through the keyword traffic and competition analysis process again.

TIP: The COPY SELECTED keywords is also imminently useful for TAGGING blog posts or social bookmarks. Just checkbox a handful of the highest-traffic terms and hit Copy - then Paste into the Tags field to insure your tags are targeting EXACTLY what the most people search for!

A FREE TRIAL Of Market Samuari

A fully functional (but time limited) free trial of Best Keyword Software For Mac can be downloaded from NobleSamuria's website to fully explore it's keyword generating and competitive analysis tools. There are also a lot of training videos on YouTube to help show you how to conduct research and identify terms to go after of you need help.

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