Video Creation And Marketing Tools For Mac

Mac Video Creation - Submission - And Marketing

Using your Apple Macintosh to record, edit, publish, submit and market videos is easier than you think. On this page we recommend some Mac video creation services, software, webcams, microphones, tripods and lighting gear to generate your video content marketing materials, recommend ways to distribute your videos widely, and tips for marketing them effectively to drive as much traffic to your website as possible.

Low-Cost and Free Video Distribution Services

Mac Video Submitter For broad distribution, RankCrew's Video Posting Service manually submits your video that you upload (8MB max) to the Top-20 video hosting services, including Vimeo, MetaCafe, YouTube and others. Just fire up any Apple web browser, enter your submission details, upload and let them do all the online video distribution work. What sets RankCrews's vid submit apart is the ability to use SPINTAX in the Title and Description - to help you target keyword variants as each is posted.

They then submit all 20 of the posted video page URL's to a backlink indexing service to help get them crawled fast and to boost the authority of your video's pages. For only $10 USD, this is an excellent way to get video views and site traffic from some diverse sources that you might not know could help broaden your Mac video submission and marketing efforts.

Mac Video Distribution The #1 OneLoad Video Submitter service (once called TubeMogul) has been around for many years and excels at posting videos to your own established accounts at many of the major video services for free. Those include YouTube, MetaCafe, Veoh, Amazon S3, Vimeo and others. It can also submit your vid directly to your WordPress blog or social media accounts such as Tumblr, FaceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn too with proper profile setup and configuration. In effect, it can both post the vids online AND do some of your Mac Social Media Marketing tasks to promote it in one submission process. There are limits on the Free account: 2 videos (50MB max) distributed to a maximum 10 total publishing destinations per month, but a very worthwhile online video content distribution method to pursue.

Video Recording Studio Gear

A MacBook or iMac's built-in iSight webcam and internal microphone might be 'Good Enough' to match the mediocrity of your online competition. But minor investments in better A?V recording equipment pay off in higher professionalism and viewer satisfaction. Up your hardware quality with these Mac compatible video and audio hardware recommendations:

Webcams For Better Video Quality

Mac Video Capture To capture truly high-quality video, a MacBook or iMac's built-in iSight webcam might not cut it. Raise the bar on your video content marketing with a DV camcorder or premium Apple compatible external web camera like Logitech's C615, C920 or C930e HD Webcams for spectacular image and audio clarity and the flexibility to place and position the camera at ANY angle, something a built-in iSight can't do. The three above mentioned HD web cameras all have standard camera tripod mount holes for steady, stable, and precise camera positioning.

Microphones for Better Audio Quality

Mac Audio Recording High-Quality audio matters too in video marketing. A dedicated external USB microphone can be vastly superior to a Mac's internal one, or even the mic in your webcam. Consider using a USB or wireless Mac headset with bult-in mic for on-screen demos, narration or explainer type videos to minimize ambient room echo and environmental noises.

Controlled Multi-Source Video Lighting

Mac Video Lighting Tips Your video content quality - and marketing image - will suffer greatly in sub-optimal lighting conditions. Use 3 sources with an affordable camera and video
Studio Lighting Kit to insure you have a KEY-light, FILL-light and BACK-light for shadow-free, noise-free, and accurate color video capture.

Video Editing Apps For Mac

Mac Video Editing Software With iMovie bundled on all Macintosh computers, most have all they need to capture, edit, title and produce high-quality video marketing content. But for some projects, just capturing clips in QuickTime or Apple PhotoBooth can produce the short, succinct video files you need to get and breifly keep viewer's attention to deliver your sales message. Other Mac OSX software like PowerPoint, Keynote, Photoshop Elements, can help with narrated slide-show movies, opening or closing stills, etc.

Online Video Creation : Explainer Video Shorts

Explainer Video Creation You don't necessarily need a webcam or capture footage to create engaging video content. Online video generators like Free Animated Videos at WIDEO or RenderForest Video Creator let you whip up eye-catching, animated 'explainer' business video shorts with upbeat soundtracks and your custom message and logo within minutes - All from the comfort of your Mac web browser with no need to run an OSX application at all. Another service we like for business shorts is RawShorts.

Both let you create a water-marked low-res version you can share for free, or simply spend a few bucks for a HD high-res, downloable polished one to use in your video marketing efforts as you see fit. Free Explainers embed a video overlay or append an audio advertisment for the service. To get a promo-free version, you'll need to pay a bit with very affordable one-off, bulk purchase, or ongoing subscription pricing. Paid accounts also get access to more video template choices, background music tracks, or other upgrades as an incentive.

Short Edited Videos Rank Better TIP: Keep your videos SHORT if you can: Cut to the chase! Engaging 3 minute videos have better ranking and viewer metrics than long-winded ones. Edit them down to critical points if you run overtime. Sound EXCITED when you speak or narrate. A dull, plodding voice rambling-on bores viewers to death. Up-Beat, Confident, and To-The-Point videos drive traffic and sales!

Post-Submission Mac Video Promotion Tips

Mac Link Building Tactics To get the most out of your video marketing and submission efforts, backlink building once they've been published online is wise. Link to your hosted vids from your own websites or blogs. Embed the video in your own pages where appropriate. Socially share them from your own Web 2.0 properties, and use services like SocialAdr or AddMeFast to get OTHERS sharing your video URL for you across their social bookmarking and sharing accounts.

If your newly uploaded video is something like an online training course or seminar - consider using your Mac to issue a Press Release to announce it's availability for viewing. A little link submitting goes a long way in helping YOUR video content rank better and attract more views than those of competitor's who don't do this extra step.

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