Twitter Apps For Mac

Best Twitter Tools and Tweet Submitters For Mac

Apple web masters should be participating in, and developing a meaningful real-time Social Media presence. These social signals are becoming critical, and (at least in the eyes of Google) are far less toxic than heavy backlink building using conventional methods.

Twitter Apps For OSX

Whether you have one or multiple Twitter accounts, you'll save a ton of time with an app or service lets you build, clean and manage a following - and optimally schedule your Tweets. Along with FaceBook and LinkedIn Shares and Google+ posts, Tweets are of increasing importance to both your site visitors and to the major search engines. These days, it's about building your online Persona, Name Recognition, Reputation or Brand through steady content sharing. Sadly, the best Mac OSX Twitter app - TweetAdder - was recently discontinued. Twitter's ever-changing API's and increasingly restrictive rules have made it too difficult for them and many other 3rd-party apps to stay in the game.

Twitter Quick-Start Kick-Start

For QUICKLY building or increasing a Following - or getting Shares free or dirt cheap: Use your Mac's web browser to set up a free account at YouLikeHits, AddMeFast and LinkCollider. You can use the free sign-up credits to kickstart or continue to grow not only your Twitter following but FaceBook, Pinterest, G+, SoundCloud, or many other social accounts.

FaceBook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter updates using automated submission, scheduling and queueing of Tweets can be easily handled with BufferApp Social Sharing Button, available as a Safari SEO Toolbar Extension, Apple iOS App, or accessible from any Mac web browser. Buffer is the single-most powerful browser button you can use. Free accounts are limited to posting to 4 sites and only 5 posts can be queued, for another $10 or so a month you can unlock posting to more social account profiles and building a longer queue of scheduled posts.

Download a free trial of Link Assistant's BuzzBundle for OSX is another noteworthly SMM - Social Media Marketing app that offers comprehensive monitoring of accounts and conversations, and allows responding and queued posting across multiple platforms and accounts. Its very powerful All-In-One social media management software that runs natively on OSX.

Alternately, since the shuttering of and it's 'Lite' replacement Seesmic Ping For OSX, HootSuite is now a major Mac OSX compatible social media marketing program that allows immediate and/or queued posting to Twitter, G+, FaceBook and LinkedIn and more services. It's also available as an iOS app for iPad and iPhone marketers wanting to monitor conversations, share, and curate content anywhere - on the go. The free plan is limited to 3 social media accounts, but for about $10 a month you can opt to send posts to nearly 50 1st and 2nd-Tier social platforms.

Leveraging Social Media And Twitter Automation On A Mac

Depending on the service, many Web 2.0 / Social sites feature built-in Social Sharing features. For example, you can set up a FaceBook page to automaticallly send new FB posts to Twitter, or Scoops to be sent to LinkedIn and Tumblr to leverage a single effort. Article Marketing sites like Ezine Articles include sharing buttons on-page to make it easy to share your published articles.

It's important to think beyond Twitter, FB, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn (The Current "Biggies") to other content curation and realtime status sites such as, Tumblr, Web 2.0 blogs and others that can be great traffic-drivers as well. All help establish you as THE AUTHORITY and mouth-piece of the niche you specialize in. Become THE VOICE of expertise and sharing what you know about your specialty, and Fans and Followers will naturally ensue.

Mac SMM - Social Media MARKETING

Unlike Organic Search Rankings at Bing, Yahoo and Google which can deliver steady, long-term daily traffic, Social postings tend to have a very short period of 'bursty' traffic generation that dies off all too quickly: An appalingly short half-life. Automation is almost essential to gain and maintain any meaningful traction and a steady stream of eyeballs. It's also important to be willing to RE-Tweet, RE-Post the same content intermittently to attempt to reach new viewers you might have missed. Timing of posts during the day matters. Consistently posting SEVERAL TIMES per day, day after day on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest and others helps tremendously.

Again, for Mac Twitter users, BufferApp is the standout tool for creating and scheduling Tweets to work for your site promotion 24x7. For those who manage MULTIPLE Twitter accounts and persona. The full, paid version of Buffer is a smart business investment. Additionally, Social JukeBox is highly recommended for Set-It-And-Forget-It Tweet scheduling 24x7 that loops Tweets endlessly once set up.

Other aspects of Twitter account management range from finding and building followers, unfollowing, account cleaning and more. With the demise of TweetAddr, you're left to trying all sorts of web-based tools. They're free but often have limited features unless you pay-up.


Ultimately, leveraging your Mac's skills at automation for submitting and sharing content is the ONLY way to get a decent ROI - Return On Investment. Use your Macintosh, iPad or iPhone to optimize your efforts at Social Media by assembling the right Mac and iOS friendly internet and social media marketing tools first. Then develop an absolutely effective, minimalist, daily workflow that SCHEDULES your interactions as much as possible and keeps you from falling into the TIME-PIT it's become for many of us.

Again, take advantage of many sites sharing service features which let you identify and leverge the social networks you participate on. Linking and authorizing your Twitter, FB and other accounts within your account settings/profile can help automatically share your actions to more than one site and deliver extra 'oomph' to your online content postings.

Twitter submitters for Mac can help you refine your presence, build your brand, and connect with customers using various OSX and iOS Twitter programs. Automate your Mac social marketing with some of the realtime status update tools and services that are compatible with Macintosh and Apple iGadgets.

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