Mac RSS Feed Submits

RSS Submitter Software For Mac SEO

If you do a web search for 'RSS submitter Mac' or something similar you might be misled. What you'll see in search results are Download Sites mentioning RSS feed submission programs that basically ONLY run on Windows. That can be handy if you're running a Mac virtual machine program like VMWare or Parallels and some version of Windows OS. But for RSS submission on Mac OSX, you're going to want to fire up your web browser - whether it's Safari, Mac FireFox or Chrome and visit some sites that will automate this process somewhat for free.

Outsourcing RSS Submission Tactics

It can be a bit tedious slogging from one RSS Directory to another, registering and verifying an account, filling out the details of your domain, blog and feed URL's, description and category yourself. Consider an affordable outsourced Rank Crew RSS submission that submits to a quality list of sites for only $3-$4. Alternately, you might try a Feed Submission gig at Fiverr. It can be done quickly by those with automated tools to register and submit your feed to several dozen RSS Syndication sites for possible inclusion with the least amount of effort needed on your behalf.

OSX RSS Submission Software For Mac

There is ONE RSS feed submission application that runs natively on OSX: FeedForAll which offers complete construction of XML code to properly generate a website or podcast / iTunes feed. You can download a free 30-day trial. Kinda geeky and not for the average website owner, but a great RSS creation tool for hard-core publishers.

Automated RSS Feed Social Sharing

Many social sharing tools and aggregator services let you set-up auto-sharinng of fresh content. Here's just a few of the more popular ones you can set up to minimize manual sharing tasks after you've publisheda new page or post:
  • WordPress Feed Plugins : Numerous WP plug-ins can share new posts to configured social accounts.
  • OnlyWire : Paid OnlyWire Account lets you share new posts from your RSS feed automatically.
  • Buffer App: Paid Buffer accounts allow RSS feed inclusion for hands-off auto sharing of fresh content.
  • TwitterFeed: Auto sharing of fresh feed content to Twitter with optional #hashtag additions.

Web Based Feed Submitter Sites For Mac Users

In this section I'll add and update some of the sites I use for quick and free RSS submission to various sites. For example, this pinger are a great way to use Safari, Chrome or Mac FireFox to quick submit your feed to 2 dozen popular feed sites with ease. The other I strongly recommend is the free IMT RSS Submitter for registered users at forum. Rather than just a 'blind', bulk submit, you can immediately verify your feeds have been added to a dozen feed sites - some of which have decent Domain Authority and produce visible, verifiable backlinks to your feed quickly.

For more thorough feed submits - and to get RSS site accounts set up on some of the major feed directories, you can outsource RSS registration and submission in various ways from SEO services or via gigs like in the Social Media Services category when your time is worth a $5 gig to get bulk feed submission done for you.

Particularly if you own and manage multiple sites or blogs on your Mac, you'll want to submit each of those that have an RSS feed. So in some cases you'll definitely want to set up and verify accounts at the major feed services so that you can return and add new feeds and RSS mash-ups as you create them. While 'blind' quick submitters are okay, some Feed Sites like RSSing and FeedBite are very much worth signing up for and spending time at to not only add - but manage, properly categorize and tag each feed - and to promote your feeds on.

RSS Feeds To Submit From Web 2.0 Properties

As your Web 2.0 and Mac Internet Marketing skills grow - and as you establish a Persona, Brand and presence across the internet - you may be suprised by how many Web2 social pages also create an RSS feed of your content or activity on their site. HubPages and YouTube are some examples. Most free web blogs and other status update sites track your Activity Feed with a uniqe feed URL available that can be submitted to feed sites as well. Make a point of looking for that classic orange RSS FEED ICON somewhere on the Web 2.0 property page, CONTROL-CLICK on your Mac to get a pop-up and 'COPY LINK' to get the proper URL to paste into your favorite free RSS submission sites.

RSS Mashup and Combined Feed Aggregation

"Mashing up feeds" can be confusing to those who are just starting to grok single RSS feeds in general and how (and where) to submit them. But imagine you could COMBINE FEEDS from a variety of sites and sources into one MASTER feed -- and then submit that mash-up feed URL to some of the above mentioned submit services. Best used when you have multiple feeds ideally from LIKE-THEMED niche sites. (I.E. Computers and Technology vs. Heath and Fitness) and you mashup feeds of only highly-related topics. If your web empire covers different niches, you can create a separate RSS mashup to keep the overall theme of each particular mashed feed focused and not just a collection of random topics.

Several online tools let you paste in a list of multiple feed URLS and give the mashup a title. One of the most powerful and high-ranking is the 'Super Channel' you can create at It then creates a new feed URL that combines the content of all your feeds, usually sorted by blog post date and interleaving your posts. Another to check out is Be aware that some free RSS or Feed Mashup tools may insert ads or a few of their own URL's into the mix which may or may not be that big of a deal - in exchange for providing the service.

Every Mac blogger should explore the use of RSS - Really Simple Syndication to help disseminate their web and blog content across the internet. Feed submitters for Macintosh internet marketing needs can help automate the process of promoting your new blog posts and getting them crawled quickly using RSS feed submission sites and tools on a Mac.