Mac Web Directory Submits

Directory Submitters For Mac SEO

Using a Mac to submit to Web Directories have been popular since the dawn of the internet where they were useful places to help people find categorized websites easily. Now displaced by the major Search Engines, web directory submission may still provide a smaller but important piece of the SEO diversified backlink profile puzzle.

The beauty of directory submits is the ability to control the Title / Anchor text and the rather long-term or permanence of the links. Unlike social bookmarking, FaceBook posts or Tweets with a short, deteriorating life-span, there's a higher level of backlink persistence for directory entries that may stay 'live' for years. This can be good - or bad - if you end up in too many directories that have been deindexed, have no Domain Authority or Trust ranking, or you fail to diversify your Titles.

Spun Directory Submits With Spintax Support

For full Spintax Directory Submission - Rank Crew offers 30 - 50 - 100 submit packages from $6-10 that focus only on a limited range of PR3+ High DA40+ vetted directories. It's far more effective and safer than bulk blasts. With bracketed spintax fields you can really get the spun Title anchor text diversity you want, and equally unique Description fields. They also run your approved links through a Backlink Indexing Service to make sure they get crawled. It's simple to use any Mac OSX web browser to enter the submission details in mere minutes. Not all directories will accept your link, but those that do are

High PR Web Directory Submits

Another of my favorite DIY Directory Submit services for Mac users includes Directory Maximizer. Particularly in the post Google Penguin era - they've gone through thier directories with a fine-tooth comb to make sure only Indexed and Ranked dirs are used. If you use Directory Maximizer, we strongly recommend you choose the option to ONLY SUBMIT BY PAGERANK PR2 or higher web directories, and to diversify your Titles and Descriptions using all 10 variations you can enter. PR2+ will create a job of around 100 of their most powerful directory sites for about $12.

Web Directory Submission Software For Mac OSX

There's no currently available Mac compatible directory subission software that directly runs on OSX. But there are many, many web browser based submission services that let you input all the information directly yourself using Safari - and monitor the results in realtime. Other Outsourced Directory Submission gigs and services will handle all aspects of submission and verification for you and simply present a report when completed -- Just make sure they support MULTIPLE Titles and Descriptions. This is CRITICAL to insure you don't over-optimize anchor text.

There are free and low cost Directory Submitting stand-alone software apps for PC-based Do-It-Yourselfers willing to run Windows directly on their Mac using BootCamp, VMWare Fusion or Parallels. Popular PC SEO linkbuilding apps like GSA Search Engine Ranker, Magic Submitter and others incorporate Dir Submit modules as one of the link-types they support.

Directory Submission Category Issues

A common dirt cheap option is to find a web-based automated directory submission service that allows you to enter many unique titles and descriptions and send your job to 100's directories for a low cost. Good for diversifying anchor links. I had one particular service that I used to recommend but it no longer functions. One of the challenges with these DIY services is your submits may end up in totally wrong sub-categories which is NOT good.

Category matching is a challenge for ANY auto-submitter, since non-standard categorization for various directory software programs is a problem for all of them. For example, I often want to submit my sites to COMPUTERS > HARDWARE > MACINTOSH - but not all directories have a Mac specific Technology sub-category to put them in. Depending on your market niche, you may find very standardized, logical categories. For other niches, you may not have a readily common and identifiable sub-category that all directories support. Choosing a HIGH-LEVEL general category is best for a service like this, but top-level categories are usually flooded with page after page of entries and search robots may fail to even crawl all the pages effectively and deep enough to find your listing.

Bulk Submission To General Web Directories

A strong warning here: SINGLE Keyword/Title bulk directory services like, say, AutoDirectorySubmitter or Linkmitter CAN BE RISKY since they only allow a SINGLE Title + Description to be sent to 500+ potential directories. The Google Penguin Webspam update has been harsh on sites with commercial terms, money keyword heavy, unbalanced backlink anchor text ratios. So slamming your #1 top money keyword in a submission like this may be outright TOXIC to your website ranking. However, a service like this MIGHT be helpful if you've already had a site punished for lack of Brand or hard site URL links (such as,,, yoursite) diversity - which Google seems to be preferring these days. It could be that high volume directory link jobs like this COULD be able help 'rebalance' your anchor text ratios. If you use 1-Keyword dir sub services like this: ONLY do it on your brand name or URL.

Free Directory Submitter For Mac

A farily straightforward way to try to get into some web directories is using IMTalk's Directory Submission Tool with your Mac web browser. Youy have to slog from site to site, choose your category, or enter Captcha codes one at a time. To vary your Title, you need to peroidically update your listing data then resume submussions. As with many web directory submissions, you won't end up with nearly that many links in the long run, and certainly not indexed very quickl. This is a generally a safe SEO tactic as long as you change up your Title (and Descriptions) somewhat.

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