Mac Social Bookmark Submission Tools

Best Social Bookmarking Tool For Mac Users

Our Top Recommendation: the low-cost SocialAdr service. It's web-browser based and uses other people's accounts - and not your own. The free users bookmark the URL's and spun content that you set up to earn credits. This is ideal so you're not always 'tooting your own horn'. Crowdsourcing like this appears far more 'natural' to the search engines and in fact it is: It's users can choose if and which bookmarks they actually want to share. With some top tier sites like FaceBook, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon and others in the mix, it's very organic, random and high-quality bookmarking like no other. Additional sites like FlipBoard, Pocket, Diigo,, Plurk and more are included. Slow and Drip feed options (which I strongly suggest) add to the perfect combination of targeting bookmark placements to a dozen and a half quality sites over time. IMHO: It's simply one the best automated DIY bookmarking systems ever designed. SocialAdr also allows manual spinning or using automated SpinRewriter integration, and is reasonably affordable.

Spintax Bookmarking For Long-Tail Targeting

We're also fond of a shared service like Link Collider which gets you a diverse range of bookmarks, likes and shares from its many random, crowdsourced users. More importantly, you get fine control over submissions, whether you want Stumbles, Pins, G+'s, FB Likes or Shares, Tweets, Tumbles, and more - and how many. You can pause and resume submits as needed and the Title and Description fields allow spintax formatting.

Web 2.0 Shares, Bookmarks and Status Updates

Successful search engine marketing combines your own web 2.0, blogs, and bookmark accounts - as well as leveraging others for a 1-2 punch. For broadcasting to your own network of accounts, OnlyWire Social Posting can broadcast to nearly 50 sites with ease and reliability. A basic annual plan with 1000 posting credits per month is highly affordable and very powerful. But we don't recommend posting to all 50 sites. Focus on only the dozen or so properties appropriate for your market that have the highest SEO benefit. You can create sets of sites for posting to with support for multiple personas/accounts as well. For many, OnlyWire is the ONLY website promotion tool you need to get your content seen where it matters. The only drawback is spintax is not supported at this time.

Mac Website Social Submits With Deep-Linking Depth

Certain types of submit tools like social bookmarks lend themselves towards deep-linking to inner-page URL's. Social bookmarking and sharing sites excel at deep-linked page and post targeting. Some more conventional or old-school site and search engine submission processes ONLY allow you to promote your main Index page of your root domain. It's doing BOTH that really gives an Apple website owner broad strength to across entire site, page by page, so that deep website content can rank as well as the home page.

Outsourcing Mac Social Bookmark Posting

One of the most effective link building methods is leveraging GROUPS of people to promote your content. Collectively, they agree to share your links on their own Social Media and Web 2.0 accounts. Because they manually CHOOSE which things to share (generally on their own established accounts), and do so on a wide range of platforms, the 'organic' and wide diversity leaves a very natural footprint. Search on Fiverr for 'SyndWire' or 'TribePro' Gigs to get a viral burst of other people sharing your content using their OnlyWire accounts. You'll often end up with dozens and dozens backlinks from Twitter, FaceBook, WordPress and Blogspot entries, LinkedIn shares, Google+ Plus's, Tumblr posts, and more. It's a low-cost way to promote a specific, high-converting piece of content for a blast of Social Mentions - without having to subscribe or configure dozens of Social accounts yourself.

Social Bookmarking Submitters For Mac SEO

Most of the methods for automating Social Bookmarking on a Mac are browser-based services. For example, this easy to use Social bookmarker service service lets you enter multiple titles and varied descriptions to submit bookmark jobs using Safari or FireFox For OSX with ease. The service then manually processes your submits within a few days. Tip: Order Maximizer jobs specifying 'PageRank 3 Or Higher' to save money and only get backlinks published on the most powerful, indexed sites.

Mac Friendly Bookmarker Services

Some of the other powerful bookmarking and Social Media sharing tools may or may not allow spinning of titles, unfortunately. However OnlyWire at around $60 a year is a great service for bookmarking pages, posts and updating status across literally dozens your own established Social Sharing and Web 2.0 accounts - and highly recommended to get new content crawled quickly and inspire some visitor traffic to your site. Using OnlyWire's more advanced modes and groups, you can optionally enter unique title and descriptions tailored to sets of the social media accounts you want to broadcast to. I strongly recommend more advanced tactics to target a range of keywords with slightly varied titles in stages, and not just blast out the same thing to all sites. The integration of conventional bookmarking sites, Web 2.0 blogs, and other content sharing sites in OnlyWire assures a wide range in diversity of link types.

Low-Ball Bulk Bookmarking Distribution

It used to be that even low-end bookmarking CMS platforms like Pligg and Scuttle helped with page rankings. With focused, targeted keyword diversity in your titles, you once could systematically drive medium to long-tail money keywords up the ranks like clockwork: Not anymore! Much as with low-ball Directories, Bing and Google can now easily spot the footprint of a Pligg or Scuttle based site and punish or disregard any and all content blasted and auto-submitted to them these days.

Only very aged and high-authority domains with tens of thousands of QUALITY backlinks can handle low-ball bookmarking blasts. Avoid mass social submission to hundreds of these kinds of sites. Large numbers of crappy bookmarks may result in self-inflicted keyword penalties or have negative SEO effect and do nothing helping with rankings in this new era where Less Is More.

High Authority Site Social Distribution

However, better bookmarking services like SocialAdr which target only the top and 2nd-tier social sharing services, most of which run on unique custom platforms that have REAL users and actual site visitors. Some of them publish NO-Follow links, but that's normal and important for a truly balanced, natural link profile. As long as you use Slow or Drip feed settings, high authority social bookmarking from your Macintosh on a system you control is far safer and quite helpful getting new content crawled quickly and indexed in particular.

Many Apple website owners and bloggers use their Mac to Social Bookmark pages, posts and articles they've created on their Macintosh. Software and tools to help ease and automate the process Mac social bookmarking are featured here.

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