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LongTailPro Mac Keyword Software

Long Tail Pro is one of the newer keyword analysis SEO applications that runs natively on OSX. It's forte is the speed at which it retrieves keywords. You can quickly identify low-competition keyword phrases to target in your internet and affiliate marketing efforts.

Cross-Platform Keyword Analysis Software For Mac/PC

Like several other stand-alone Mac SEO apps which run directly on Mac OSX Long Tail Pro for Mac uses the Adobe AIR development platform to run the same program code on either Mac OSX or Windows PC's. Both Mac and Windows versions and updates are released in a single installer / updater insuring that the Mac version of the keyword research software is identical and just as functional as Windows user gets. Future versions of LongTailPro will be browser based.

Features of Long Tail Pro For Mac

+ Keyword Research: Enter multiple seed keywords, select Match Type and let 'er rip.

+ Competitor Analysis: Choose between Bing or Google search competition: Get a Top-10 analysis of search results to assess competition.

+ Rank Checker: Find out how your top keywords are ranking in Bing, Yahoo or Google

+EMD Domain Availability: It also optionally searches for Exact Match Domain names available for registry if you want to pursue a dedicated, EMD domain to capitalize on a particular keyword term.

The Platinum version enables a KC - Keyword Competitive analysis button to provide a metric that instantly indicates which sites in the Top-10 of rankings are weakest and easiest to out-rank. It also enables a 'Save To Favorites' which is a smart feature: Once you've identified something worth targeting, you can save it and not have to dig thru long keyword lists to find it again quickly.

Cost Of LongTail Pro For Mac

After your 10-day free trial of Long Tail Pro for Mac keyword research tool expires, you basically have two options for licensing the software: 1. A one-time payment for the basic lifetime license, or 2. The initial one-time payment, plus $17 a month for the PRO+ Platinum version with ongoing access to it's unlocked extra features. You always have the option to upgrade at a later date if you so choose, or upgrade only for a month if needed to access the extra features temporarily for researching a new niche site.

While I have mixed feelings about a monthly ongoing fee for the more capable Pro+ Platinum version, be aware that retrieving keyword data is a HUGE programming challenge. There are constant changes to Google and Bing's API's and for a software developer to keep the program functioning, frequent code updates are usually necessary. A subscription-based model for the Pro+ version assures developer Spencer Haw's ongoing software maintenence expenses are covered. Fair enough.

LongTailPro vs MarketSamurai Mac

Long Tail Pro for Mac excels at just a few key features making it more streamlined, faster, and easier to learn. It delivers viable, targetable keywords very quickly and quickly indentifies keyphrases worth going after and which to avoid. Market Samurai's Keyword Module is just one of several in the All-In-One SEO software suite, but it can be slow retrieving keywords and it requires the user ferret and filter out low-competition phrases much more manually.

LongTail Pro takes keyword analysis on a Mac an important setp forward. But after years of doing keyword research, you can feel like you've been FORCED to become a statistician doing permutations and itnerative regression calcualtions! We're still waiting for Mac keyword apps that intellgently analyzes your seed keywords and niche -- and then just TELLS YOU THE OPTIMAL PHRASES without having to do so much of the analysis yourself. That's what I long for: A tool that would let you enter your Category, Niche, and some seed key phrases - and it would just tell you exactly what's worth going after in todays current SERP competition!

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