Infographics Marketing Tools For Mac

Infogram And Infographic Creation On A Mac

There's a myriad of ways to create infograms and infographics on a Mac OSX system. You can either run popular graphics programs on your Apple computer, or by accessing SAAS - Software As A Service web apps that let you design an informational graphic right inside Apple Safari, FireFox or Chrome browser on OSX.

Infograms are typically small images conveying a single concept with just a few bullet points of info: They're ideal for blog post header graphics, Twitter and FaceBook images in sizes suitible for Social Sharing. An infographic tends to be larger often vertical, scrolling image, summarizing a much broader range of multiple, key points and data in a visual way that's easier to digest.

Some stand-alone OSX applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Apple Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, and the very affordable LaughingBird's Mac Logo Creator software can help with your infogram and infographics projects. You need an Object-Oriented drawing type of app on your Macintosh that allows you to arrange, duplicate and layer discrete elements. All may offer basic shapes to work with, but those with diverse icon, symbol and clip art libraries are best. Otherwise you'll have to create or collect the elements yourself, or buy templates or icon/image packs of graphics to use in your projects. Quite a pain in the butt compared to the following online solutions that don't need quite so much graphic talent:

Low-Cost and Free Infogram And Infographic Creators Online

Mac Infographic Design and Submission SAAS-based, Mac-friendly infographic creation websites are a popular alternative to running an OSX program. Designed explicity with visual content marketers in mind, these online appps include popular templates, images and icon sets that internet marketers are fond of. A few of the more notable online infographic and infogram generator publishing sites are listed below. They're free to try, easy to use, and may be all you need. But be aware, Free mode usually has limitations on available templates, icons and images, image watermarking, the ability to embed clickable links, or save your work direct to disk may be restricted. To access ALL of their available infographic design elements and features, a monthly or annual subscription is required. Here's three of note I enjoy using:

Canva Infographic Generator Canva makes appealing design easy for anyone. Create designs for presentations, generate graphics for your blog, invitations or posters. For Apple users engaged in major Social Media Marketing campaigns, there are infogram and infograpic templates explicitly designed for and optimally sized for generating posts and header graphics for use on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Google+ accounts.

Infogram Infographic Creator is a fast and fun way to generate shareable infographics and infograms from your Mac's web browser using over 30 chart types, videos, text objects, maps and images. Free projects place an Infogram logo and byline at the bottom; paid subscriptions remove that and provide more themes and icons, active links, tracking analytics and more.

Piktochart Infographic Creator Piktochart is a very easy to use online infographic generator app that requires minimal effort to produce hi-quality beautiful graphics. It's editing tools are intuitive and simple - yet powerful. Choose from over 100 pre-designed themes for inspiration and well over 1000 images to convey your message. Integrated sharing to SlideShare and Evernote - as well as posting to Twitter, FB, G+ and Pinterest helps you get online traction immediately. FYI: To include live, clickable links into a Piktochart infographic or infogram refer the help here.

Video Infographic Animations

Explainer Video Infographics You can use your Macintosh and any OSX web browser to easily create engaging video content without necessarily needing a webcam or film production skills. Online video generators such as RenderForest Video Creator make it a snap to cheaply create short, animated 'Explainer' videos to quickly convey your solutions to a prospect's problem, interests, or needs - with lively motion graphics and am upbeat, peppy background music track to engage them. Each frame of the Explainer is an infogram succinctly conveying key points.

Tag Cloud Infogram Generators

Word Cloud Graphics Need an easy, quick themed image to share? Fire up your favorite Macintosh OSX browser and try Wordle or Tagxedo to generate a colorful Tag Cloud infogram graphic in seconds from any URL or pasted text. Choose various fonts, colors or styles to generate endless mini-infographics that instantly convey the essence what your site, content or blog post is about.

Infographic SEO And Submission Strategies For Content Marketing

An informative, visually appealing infographic or infogram you've created on your Mac can be leveraged to great SEO effect. Even how you name the infographic file matters, try to incorporate an important, thematically relevant keyword or two into the filename so it can potentially rank well in image search.

Often at the bottom of infographics, EMBEDDED LINKS to your own site(s) or sources of information for the facts or data used can be included to help drive visitor traffic and grow your backlink count. Naked "" URL's are best - whether they're clickable or not. You might also get type-in web broswer traffic from viewers just seeing your domain name.

Infographic Link Building And Marketing Tactics

In general, you want to first publish your own infographic on your website - either on it's own page, or embedded into a blog post. Make sure you've implemented content sharing buttons on-page so it's easy for visitors to share it on their social networks for you. Pin it to your Pinterest account with a full description that includes an http: link to it so it's clickable. Tweet it. Post it to FaceBook, Pin to Pinterest, and submit the image on Google+ and LinkedIn too.

Hosted Image, Graphics and Document Sharing Sites

There's any number of sites you can also upload, describe, tag and backlink your infograms and infographics on. Some are general Document sharing sites for say .PDF or .PPT powerpoint projects, others targeted towards featuring graphics to the art and design community, others explicitly oriented for submitting your infographic creations to inspire others. Just setting up accounts at sites like these are an opportunity for a SEO backlink to your website or a Social account in your Profile / About Me section.

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