Content Writing Software For Mac

Automatic Content Writing On A Mac

With the launch of Articoolo instant article creator, Mac users finally have an easy way to automatically generate 100 percent unique, semantically rich article and blog post SEO content using Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

As a Mac-friendly computer-based AI content generator living in up in the cloud as a SaaS software service, Articoolo's automated article writing software gives any browser access to a computer automated article writing tool that works on MacOS and iOS as well as Windows, Android, or Linux platforms.

Articoolo is in a completely different league from previous computerized article generators. It's the first NLP-AI based algorithmic content generation tool available to the general public. Given a topical keyword phrase, it creates a highly readable article of up to 500 words on the fly from existing 'knowledge' about the subject and builds gramatically correct, spell-checked, theme relevant content that provides an imminently usable article in only 1 or 2 minutes.

You can then save it as a TXT file to your Mac, print or email it right from the application window. Articool's Tag-Line is: "A Quick, Coherent Starting Point For Your Articles" - And that's the best way to approach this technology. It creates an initial article you'll want to revise to suit your needs.

Content Mash-Up vs Truly Unique Writing

Previous generation automated article writing apps typically relied on 'Mash-Up' techniques for SEO content creation. It would scrape the internet, internal document databases, or article directories to 'steal' quasi-relevant sentences and snippets, jumble them together in 'paragraphs' lacking any cohesive topical point, then spin the hell out of them to avoid CopyScape flags and appear to be as unique as possible. Market Samurai for Mac has an article creation feature in it's Content Module. It helps you find existing articles, news stories, document and answer site content, then leaves you to manually cut and paste text snippets to assemble your own mash-ups, then spin for a degree of statistical uniqueness.

Instant Article Creator And Generation Tools

There are other competing unique content creation apps. But apps like Article Builder and Instant Article Wizard both require running Microsoft Windows. Another option for Apple users is The Content Professor, a platform-neutral online generator/spinner for any Mac web browser. They offer a free limited trial, then annual or monthly subscription plans to access a large library of pre-existing articles to get started with. I'm not aware of any native OSX software for instantly creating article content and spinning it. With Articoolo's browser-based approach, it's a completely platform-neutral SaaS app you can access anywhere, anytime, any web browser.

How Good Is Articoolo Content?

Given the still naescent AI and NLG technology involved, Articoolo's automatic article writing skills are quite amazing. In general an 'up to' 500 word setting will net you a 3 to 4 paragraph robot generated article that's imminently readable. But here's the gotchas:

You can only preview a few text snippets revealed inside of the content (the majority of the article is blurred out.) So you can't really see enough of the article to truly know if you'll like the whole thing. You have to purchase based on just the 2 or 3 partial sentences it reveals.

Structurally, a good article typically has, at a minimum: An Informative Opening (What Is This About), Identifies a Pain or Desire (Why You Need It), Offers a Solution (What Action or Product Solves It), and a Conclusion (A Summary and/or Call To Action).

Articoolo' Natural Language Generator unfortunately does not STRUCTURE paragraphs and logic this cleanly if the source article it uses wasn't well-organized. But it does give you sentences that are imminently readable. What I recommend is that after generating and saving an article, launch Apple's TextEdit or Microsoft Word for Mac. As you proofread the content: Copy - Cut - Paste each sentence into it's most appropriate section. Simply reorganizing the content Articoolo writes does wonders for ending up with a better article that can be Money Site or Tier-1 worthy content.

You will probably find a few awkward phrasings that can be quickly tweaked and fixed to your liking. WORK-IN or APPEND your critical keyword phrase varaints where appropriate. Then add your Target Site or Affiliate Link anchored appropriately and publish.

What Do Articles Cost?

Articoolo's automatic article writing tool offers pre-paid packages of 10 to 100 article creation credits costing from $2 to as little as $1 per article. There's also monthly subscription plans that are even cheaper per article, but only best for those with steady, unique content generation needs.

If you've ever blindly outsourced article writing, you know the wait times, unpredictable writing style, and lack of quality at far higher prices is frustrating. In my testing I've found Articoolo to deliver "I can use this" content, something outsourcing has utterly failed to deliver with any consistency.

TIP: ALWAYS set Articoolo's word count slider to the 'Up To 500 Words' setting! It often generates noticabley LESS. To get your money's worth, tell it to generate the most words possible. You're then freer to edit out any sentences or phrasing that doesn't cut it.

Spinning Articoolo Article Content

A Mac browser based spintax app like the highly intelligent Mac-friendly Spin Rewriter can still be used with Articoolo Natural Language Generated content. I recommend you do so for spun submission to article directories. Indeed, it may be wiser to spin for variations rather than use multiple Articoolo credits by generating unique articles one at a time. I've been a long-time user of SpinRewriter because it offers both manual and automatic paragraph and sentence rewriting, nested or flat spinning, list and paragraph reordering, and even automatic creation of an additional summary paragraph extracted from the article's body content. A 7 day Free Trial will give you a good sense of the SaaS app's spinning features and capabilities.

Using Articoolo For PBN And Blog Content

I've been using Articoolo content for my Tier-1 Web 2.0 properties. For WordPress users, a highly readable article can be generated, tweaked, and then published from within Wordpress itself using their WP Articoolo plugin.

Affiliate Marketers may find Articoolo handy for fortifying otherwise thin content by increasing the word-count and improving the LSI semantic theme and topical depth of product pages. With just a few clicks, you can append freshly generated content to the bottom of otherwise well-monetized pages and republish in hopes of better page rankings.